According to Damien Cox "very possible at the moment" that the Argonauts could be joining the XFL in 2023

Thanks for the information you have provided. I've only been really following the CFL since 2013 when I got cable TV for the first time in my life. I have known about Canadian football much longer, but it hasn't been as accessible as I'd like until recently. I lost interest in the NFL game some time ago. I have every hope that CFL football continues without changing too much as its MUCH more entertaining to me than our local version. Whatever it takes to keep it like it is now is my greatest hope. Thanks again!


I was at every game and there is definitely a market for Spring ball in Montreal, especially with the complete makeover the stadium is set to receive.
Transluscent roof
New Multimedia
New seats and seating confugration.
new common areas with view of field of play
New lighting
New Displays
New Surface.

In effect a brand new climatized indoor 50k stadium

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Considering how late any Construction is in Quebec maybe by the time they do the work, they can install one of these chinese artificial suns. :slight_smile:

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I see a bright side here!

Better Case: They leave and help blow up the USFL and then come back home.

Worst Case (or Even Better Case perhaps for some fans in Hamilton?): They leave and then don't come back home but then are reconstituted anew for the CFL.

Unrealistic / Great Reddit Fodder Case In 2020s: They go to the NFL.

Hey HfxTC, is there a link for all the changes you have mentioned about the Big O?

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my firm is reviewing the insurance risk for the Big O roof replacement.

I can say nothing is set in stone, as we have been presented a number of different "potential" roof configurations.


Any chance you could, maybe, crunch the numbers in favour of the coolest option on the table?


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There are three projects:
One is for the Renovation and strenghtening of the Mast.
Second is the replacement of the roof
Third is 491 million full reno of the stadium

all was to be complete by the Stadium's 50th Bday (2026) but it has obviously fallen behind because of the pandemic.

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Only thing decided at this point is the contractor doing the work is none other than Quebec's finest, pomerleau construction. (don't google too much or you are going to scare yourself, lol)

All cost options are north of $300M, which is amazing to consider it is only a roof! I think the highest option is approaching $500M.

Our in house engineers have commented that no matter what option is chosen, it is a difficult job. So expect delays!


Now I didn't know that Olympic Stadium had a "renovation board". I wonder how much these people make per annum? Hmm, reminds me of a friend in Southern Ontario who deals with Quebec construction companies, he says that in order to be considered for a bid there in that province, you make sure the Quebec steel, contract companies you are dealing with make sure they and their families get an all expenses paid vacation for a week or two down south. That's how she works.
Yup, Olympic Stadium has it's own "board". Doesn't surprise me in the least. Rather than city councillors/provincial people just doing their job on a committee sort of thing. Not how Quebec works I guess.


Pommerleau has the contract for the Engineering of the solution. Obviously this will give them a leg up when the contract is put out to tender but as far as I undertand right now it is strictly an engineering contract.

Nah, Pomerleau will be handling the construction as the General Contractor. They'll certainly hire specialty trades, but Pomerleau has been awarded the contract (at least for the roof replacement). Not sure about the other two phases.

Thanks, that is one weird setup.

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I think in the end Pomerleau will get all 3 contracts. Technically they are the largest Quebec based contractor and do have the experience to do the work.

But it's just such a difficult project. Almost like being setup for failure (ie, roof issues, leaks, etc), not to mention cost overruns.

It would be much better to knock it to the ground and just rebuild it from new.


Certainly seems to be.

Yeah, knocking to the ground could be the best solution, who knows. So much rebar and cement, that would take mega millions just to knock it down safely.


When you factor 500 billion for roof+ 491 billion reno and another 200 million for the mast plus cost overruns which are a certainty in such a project, (never mind the Quebec union factor), you arrive at 1.2 to 2 billion dollars.

You aren't wrong.


They are in the process of completely renovating the subway station under the stadium. The issues with tearing it down are massive.

The thing may end up being there as long as the Roman Coliseum.

The Montreal Mayor's little socialist buddies in Montreal media just penned an article called " Billionaire Beggars take a hike" for asking for taxpayers to build them a Baseball stadium.


They should knock it down and send the demolition bill to Tailibert's etsate/next of kin. It's easily the worst stadium that I've ever been in, horribly designed in every way, nothing more than a rickety cavernous monument to his own ego. It's junk.

It may cost millions to demo, but if they don't knock it down then Montreal will be paying for that clunker for eternity.


Olympic Stadium was horribly designed in the beginning.

Unfortunate really. If that was designed in a proper manner and within budget we wouldn't be having this conversation.

Maybe the Allouettes wouldn't have folded.

So would the Montreal Machine! :rofl: