..According to Creehan//???

…Did anyone catch the comments from Denny Creehan on tsn…about the Lions players getting a little extra after the game (steak dinners etc.) if they put a Stamp. player out of action…Creehan called it ‘leg whipping’…IF it’s true…i call it a deliberate attempt to injure…The league better look into this kind of crap …I’m glad Creehan brought this to everyones attention…and I/m hoping no team is stooping to that level… :thdn:

...first I've heard about it...and I didn't see anything dirty during the game.....probably because, you know, the Lions were only going at 50% effort apparently.....

Calgary DB is injured from being leg whipped by a BC receiver. Creahan was more than likely mad a losing one of his DB's.

Leg whipping usually comes from a Linemen. Comming from a receiver seems strange.

...i caught it on tsn....last night....they interviewed Creehan ...and he went in to the episode with Claremont...and one of the stamps dbs'...The player said he hoped it was not a deliberate attempt to injure him....and Denny took it from there...I was a little taken aback about the 'incentive' to go out and try this 'leg whipping'...BUT...the way the 'word war' is going on between the leos and stamps...i thought i'd get a take on it from someone else who watched the interview... :roll:

...the same wording was used in the front page story on Chatman's injury....Chatman was a little less accusatory towards Clermont and hoped it was just an accident....hopefully it was and Jason doesn't resort to that kind of tactic on purpose...

If the accusation is being made towards Clermont, then I say it is baseless.
Clermont is a tough, old fashioned, hardnosed football player.
He'll knock you down, and then if you try to get up, knock you down again.
But attempt to deliberately injure another player?

...what do you think about the 'little extra' being offered for this kind of stuff....i hope Creehan is wrong on that one... :roll:

that acusation is an out and out lie. Specifically the part about the "incentive". Creehan had better produce absolute proof, or the league should fine himthe stamps, a very large amount and suspend him for the rest of the season. In fact, he should be kicked out of the league.

Creehan should be kicked out of the league for something the media is probably blowing out of proportion? Besides it hasn’t been investigated yet who knows maybe it is true.

It isn't true, not from Claremont. And Wally is NOT the type of coach who would offer a $60 dinner for taking out an opposition team member.

It is BS of the highest odor, and I agree 100% with FYB, Creehan should be fined, and if I were JC/Wally, I'd sue the bastard for slander. Trash talk is one thing, but this accusation (if it were true) borders on the criminal, and accusing any Leo of JC's stature of deliberately attacking an opponent...

Nope, if Creehan really believed it, he would file a complaint with the police for assault with intent to injure. Since he isn't doing this, it is obvious that he is simply trying to slander JC, and he should be taken to task for it. However, JC, showing the usual class that seems to be missing in Calgary for over a decade, is ignoring the accusation.

....lol, a little sensitive there boys.....so there is a tape that shows JC whipping a leg around and hitting chatman with it, intentional or not, there it is.....where is your proof that it wasn't intentional?....

So Buono has to much class to do it yet the Stamps organization has had no class for over a decade. Buono was the GM/Head coach for the Stamps 5 years ago. If you really want to bring the "class" issue into this get it right.

Anyways. I heard Creehan did notify the league about this a couple weeks ago in another post. If this is true, then i understand why Creehan would assume Clermont did this intentionally.

Lewis and Cope should sue Geroy Simon at the same time. There dance skills don't suck!

...yes, and Geroy should sue L&C for calling his post TD pose 'gay'....and the Stmaps should sue the Lions for the unneccesary on-side kick for mental anguish.....and I should sue the Lions for not giving 100% efort int eh last game and thereby lessening the entertainment value of my ticket.....let's everyone just sue everyone....

There is a big difference between an accusation of assault that causes injury, and trash talking about TD poses.

Yes, the Stamp org has been whining about stupid things most times that they lose against the Leos. There were a couple of complaints made to the league by the Stamps over the last decade that were absolutely baseless...but they just couldn't let it go and realize that they lost fair & square.

....and you can name these complaints?....because I don't remember any....you wouldn't be making this up now would you?...

.....and geez, I suppose none of you righteous posters here ever accused Lewis of a cheap hit on Wiltshire.....maybe I should go back and see.....wouldn't that be interesting......

Accordin to jman, That could have happened. The BC fanz really have no idea whether or not it happened, but they are gonna stick with their team, just like any fan would. So, if one isnt a lions fan, they would more inlcined to agree with the accusations, because it doesnt mean much to the person, unless u are a stamps fan, in which case you are prolli a lil pissed…

....fans....schmans....who cares.... the point is ..IF this stuff is going on as Creehan claims...incentive to mame....then it better be stopped ...pronto...There is enough serious injury in this game to contend with...WE don't need 'incentive' :thdn:

FTR - my beef is not about accusing JC of deliberately intending to injure. That kind of thing happens all the time, both the action and the accusation, and as much as I dont beleive it, I have to admit it is possible.

What gets my goat is the accusationinferance that the lions organization andor coaches would have put out a bounty on the stamps players. That is serious stuff and to make such an accusation without proof is unacceptable and must be dealt with harshly.

If, and I say if, JC had any malicious intent, it would be because of personal issues with the "victim", not for anything so petty as dinner.

And if Wally had said the same thing about creehan and the stamps, I would be just as against wally as I am now against creehan.

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I have a different angle. There are 59,000 seats to sell. Braley asked Creehan to stir the pot so ticket sales would increase for this game. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Seriously. I have my doubts that any coach would put a bounty on any player, especially for the price of a dinner. Did Claremont have a score to settle? Don't know. Was it deliberate? Don't know. I may have been grabbing a beer out of the fridge.

The league will look at the tapes. If its deliberate, then Claremont will probably get fined.

I'm not reading to much into this.

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