Accidental Interference

Yup. That happened.

What's even stranger is that that's exactly what it's called in the rule book. No accidental roughing the passer or kicker, no accidental no yards, no accidental illegal punt, no accidental illegal participation in there. But accidental pass interference is right there in the rules. Weird.

Yes, that is in the rule book. I have seen it called in games. The rule states

"Tripping an opponent by a player in a trail position is Accidental Pass Interference (10 yard penalty, automatic first down)."

Since we did not score a td, this call resulted in us killing the clock a bit and I do not believe it affected the outcome.

I couldn't believe we got that call!
So lets see, You can blatantly grab a hunk of sweater from behind and stop a receiver from getting to the ball
and that is not PI at the control center,
But if your feet inadvertently get tangled up it is PI.
Somehow we got lucky there, this PI challenge thing just may be worse than it was before IMHO

The rules are the same for both teams, you win some you lose some.