Accessing Forum Site

Quick question guys, is anyone else having trouble getting onto the forum section. I get on the home page no problem but when I try to get on forum section it sits an reloads over and over. No problems on other sites at all. This is the only time I have been able to get on today to ask. Sorry to take up topic time but let me no if you have had trouble. tks.

this was happenin to me earlier today, but it just randomly fixed itself:S i dont know whats wrong with it though

Ok, I just went through the CFL site to get to the TiCat site and could access the forum no problemo. If I try it directly from the Cat home page, doesn't work. So anyone any idea whatzup?
2ez4 tks

Ooops. Yeah, to stay on topic, yeah, this was happening to me, too. Am accessing through the CFL site now.

Edit: Original post/ rant about the absurdity of this changeover seems to have been torched anyway.

Tks guys, I am not alone. Site Gurus will fix it I guess. Hangover from the changes :?

I did have problem took me a day but got it done

I been having problems just before game time. Not sure what is going on, my daughter went on facebook and then my virus scanner started up and now it's just Kaos. It's like the computers locking up and signs itself out for some reason. :?

last week it locked me out of my account and would not let me in aswell I went to the cfl office and went to faq's and submitted my question of why this was happening was emailed promptly by support staff in which we finnally fixed it up but the reply I got was the problem on there side of things

8) Oh boy, yes I have been having the exact same problem myself.
 This is the first time I have been able to get on this forum in the last 24 hours !!

 No problems anywhere else except here !!

 Could the Mods explain if there has been a problem here, please ??   What do we do to correct this if it happens again ??


I bookmarked the forum and bypass the Ticat homepage. Haven't had any problems

Still the same today but I can get on from the CFL site, so created a shortcut to the forum page like AKT suggested. Works fine now, guess they still have some bugs. tks guys

Having the same issue myself using firefox. I will try going through the cfl site also.

I had Firefox about 2 weeks ago and was having issues with this site. Took it out and downloaded Opera, things were O.K. on the new sign on (July 24th) and now for some reason problems are occurring again for the last three days. Sluggish, locking up, when I post. Browsing the Web otherwise seems O.K. Me thinks my computer as a whole has a problem in it some where. :roll:

Yup........I figured that method out yesterday and it works well........I thought it was just my computer acting up so at least we know it's only the Ticats website and not our own computers

Funny, if you can't get on here, then you can't find out about the temporary solution of going through the CFL site, unless you stumble on it. Wonder how many posters have been swearing at their computers for days convinced they have a problem on their end.

I get the constant reload problem on my old laptop but not on my main desktop. There's probably a setting difference in Internet Explorer, although I thought I had them set the same. Anyway, good to know that it works from the CFL site. Thanks.

perhaps a mass e-mail to all the members from the techies might be the answer.....I thought about that too.............they might not even be able to read this thread

I too am logging on to the forum through the fan forum site.

Once I am on the cfl forum, I can then open in another tab the team forum and get rid of the red black colour scheme. It doesn't get into that loop of reloading if the fan forum is open in another window or tab. Happens in IE 7 and 8 and Firefox and Opera

I also note that all of the posters in this topic have also linked their old account to the new account. Seems like that is part of the problem.

Oskee wee wee

I have had the same problem on my computer at work. I tried going from the CFL site but it still did not solve the problem. I thought head office was trying to stop lil' ol' part-time-retired me using the site!
I have had no problems from here at home.....and I use Firefox.
Good to know the problem is at the CFL/Tiger-Cats end. Thanks.

8) No news from any Mods yet as to when this problem will be fixed !!! :oops:
 Maybe "Caretaker" can fix this ???   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->