Access to Upper Level Seating

I posted a question under "Upper West Side" seating and got quick and helpful info - thanks to all - much appreciated.

Need to ask one more question and hate to bug the already over worked Cat staff.

In the absence of working elevators - even when the West Side Upper seats are ready - is access going to be the same as the East Side? Meaning is access strictly via stairs or is there also a ramp that you could push a wheel chair up?

Maybe someone who sat in the Upper East side seats could let me know. I will have to assume it will be the same on the West.

Thanks again.

I don't think there was a way of getting wheelchairs up to any of the stands, which is why they had the wheelchair section on Monday on one of the endzone patios.

From what I understand, wheelchair access is planned for the main concourse level of both sides once the elevators are operational. If you have a wheelchair and expect to sit in the upper deck on either side, I would suggest you are out of luck. I could be wrong, but that's how I understoon it. Since those areas are not completed yet nor the elevators, I would suspect that wheelchair access would continue on the north patio until construction is completed.

Why don't you call the Ticats office and ask that sort of question.

As others have mentioned, don't ask specific questions on these forums. Forum posters tend to be people who like to help, but in our effort to help we frequently post things that include assumptions about things we don't actually know to be true.

So just call (905) 547-CATS.

Meantime lots of progress is being made. Although the actual news of what will be open for which game is a day-by-day situation. The builder hopes to have (some) elevators working for the 14th, and one or more additional levels open, but if the building inspectors find some last minute issue they may not be open for the 14th, and will be delayed to the games on the 20th or the 4th.

Meantime we will have everything open that we enjoyed on Monday including all 18,000 seats, there will be many more stadium features open but exactly what these will be you'll just have to come out next week and find out!

We love you Bob, but maybe if someone from the Cats office that actually know things, can keep us updated, as Im a DIEHARD and Bleed BLACK AND GOLD, but I can see why some fans might be upset. Thanks so much for posting you comments! As people are hearing different things and no one wants to confirm anything! I heard personally from one of your employees that the elevators will not be working, so I can see why people have different thoughts and concerns! Thanks and again we love and appreciate all you have done and continue to do! OSKEE WEE WEE

im excited to see what more is completed and opened for the next game. 3 levels still need to be completed, maybe 1 is opened up each game until the 4th??? :lol:

anyways it'll get done soon enough. I'm excited to see the finished product!

How about chat feature manned by someone at the Ticat office?
Some people just dont like making phone calls.

I’m excited also, It would be great to see 22 500 at the Saskatchewan game. That might be a bit premature, wishful thinking on my part.

24 000 if all goes according to plan :wink:

I dont think all levels will be open until the 4th. Its been announced the upper deck will remain closed for the 14th, and the 20th seems too short of a turnaround. Here’s hoping we’re at full capacity on October 4th!

Thank you once again for the advice - much appreciated. And to you Caretaker - you are truly one of a kind!

I will contact the Cat staff - who have been fantastic through all of this - and work things out.

May be a bit far fetched but when this is all over and done - I'd like to see all of the support staff gathered at centre field so they can be given the standing ovation they deserve!