Access to forum from home page

There is a new home page for the Tiger-Cats …but I don’t see any link from there to this forum.
I have it bookmarked so I got through with that.
Does this mean the forum is coming to an end?

You have to click the "Menu" button on the top-left corner of the window. A menu bar slides out, and the "TICATS FORUM" option is at the bottom of the list. Too bad the link is broken, though...

Displaced: I tried that...but the last link on the list is "Community". Nothing in there or the rest of the menu bar re the forum.

The link to the forum from the forum's top left MENU list has been fixed..... Thanks!

Now we can start using the fresh new look home page without giving up on our good old forum!

Oskee wee wee

Just tried again....still no link to the forum.
Must be a bug.

Hopefully this new home page is a work in progress. As it is, right now,I see a lot missing and a lot of changes -- none, IMHO, for the better.

Another make-work project for IT folks who have never understood the meaning of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

They must share a cubicle with the person/people who moderate this forum

I suspect this is an effort to create a web page that's common for all devices - PCs to tablets to smart phones. That way they don't have to support two versions of the website, which they have had to do for a few years now.

I think it's actually a good design, except for the missing items, e.g. links to other teams' websites, depth charts, stats and schedules for previous years. Hopefully those issues are resolved soon.

My guess is that the OP's problem with finding the forum link was the same as mine. If you're using a Mac, you have no right button and no way to use it's function and scroll down the list. Once I plugged in a mouse it was easy to get to.

However, the list is so long and large that the button IS hidden when the page opens. Not good design, I'm told.

I have seen this on other sites. In some cases, the left hand menu is independently scrollable, and in others, it scrolls with the page. Not sure which is better or which I prefer. But as the designer cannot anticipate the size of the user’s screen, especially when designing for all device types, there’s no way to know how many menu items will fit down the left. So scrolling in some way is pretty much mandatory.

A “more” indicator, however, would be helpful, perhaps even making it a down button for those like you without the ability to scroll easily.

At least it's not as bad as the TSN site, in my personal opinion. I just don't go there anymore... at all. Limited stories- almost all video. Lousy navigation. Designed for mobile devices.

That's not what I'm looking for so I go elsewhere. They win some, they lose some. Pretty hard to really optimize across all devices. One form gets chosen and the rest have reduced utility.

Mark: Thanks! I just checked again...looks like they have fixed it. The menu column on the left side looks a little different and I was able to scroll down. I was missing three different links.
Too bad the forum link is at the would be better for new folks if it was higher up so there would be no need to scroll. Either that or, as catsfaninottawa suggests, a "more" at the left side would be very helpful.