Access to Elevators

Im taking a friend to the game Saturday who has mobility issues and I was able to swap my seats for a pair in accessible seats in section 119. I see there is an elevator close to the South West corner. My question would be. Do we access the elevators from outside the stadium or do we enter through the main gates off of Canon? Has anyone used the elevators before are they fast, slow are there big line ups after the game? Thinking of parking at Eastgate and coming on the express bus but I dont want to get caught waiting in line when the last bus rolls out! Might just get dropped off and picked up if we can swing that!! Thanks


never used the elevators.

but calling the cats directly would probably get you the information you require

I have personally checked out the South West elevator, so I can bring an elderly friend to a future game, but I can't speak for sure about the South East one. I presume it is inside the secure area as well.

The THF ticket office has windows outside the secure area, and they will certainly help you. There is a drop off area right there were you could stop and ask for help if you do decide to get a ride rather than the bus.

If you all are able to go through normal security, then use entrance 1 as shown below. If there are other needs, I would do the drop off outside the ticket office and ask them to help. The Ticats' number is 905 547 2287 (CATS) for reliable info!

The elevators are fast modern ones. Before the game, patrons come in over a long period of time and the early arrivals don't wait long. After the game there are traffic jams. I have noticed many fans walking down slowly in order to leave the elevators to those who really need them. It is a lot easier walking down than climbing up, of course, for those who are having trouble with mobility.

This all reminds me of the old single elevator in Ivor Wynne, installed by Harold Ballard as owner. As the first half was almost over, it would be reserved for the coaches and spotters who had to rush down to the two dressing rooms. The two teams would share the same elevator car, looking at each other all the way down. I am sure that was an interesting ride as they watched their opponent in silence.

Here is a map of the East side with the accessible drop off as marked.

Oskee wee wee

Thanks Dan your help is appreciated!

access to the Elevators should be allowed at any gate on your side of the stadium

Pushing to 1 Elevator because where they sit on one side is crazy They should spread out the load