AC will miss one game

Uncle Bernie is reporting the following on Rue Frontenac

Sports - Alouettes Écrit par Bernard Cyr Vendredi, 27 août 2010 13:37 Mise à jour le Vendredi, 27 août 2010 14:06 L'entraîneur en chef des Alouettes, Marc Trestman, a confirmé vendredi que le quart Anthony Calvillo ne pourra pas disputer la prochaine rencontre de l'équipe, contre les Lions de la Colombie-Britannique le 3 septembre au stade Percival Molson.

Le pilote montréalais a révélé queTim Maypray agira comme troisième quart vendredi prochain, derrière le partant Chris Leak et son auxiliaire Ricky Santos. Trestman a ajouté que Marc-Olivier Brouillette pourrait aussi dépanner par mesure d'urgence.

Calvillo s'attend, pour sa part, à revenir au jeu lors du match suivant, prévu le samedi 11 septembre face aux Tiger-Cats à Hamilton.

Espérons qu’ils ne feront pas jouer Calvillo s’il n’est pas complètement rétabli. Ce serait idiot de le perdre de nouveau parce qu’il serait revenu trop tôt.

On va donc enfin voir Leak avoir un départ.

J’ai hête de le voir à l’oeuvre contre la deuxième meilleure défensive de la ligue (en termes de points alloués, bien sûr!).

Il faut pas quil joue trop bien, on va avoir une contoverse de quart-arriere! Serieusement, la blessure de Calvillo peut etre un bien pour un mal si on peut donner un peu dexperience a Leak et McPherson. Et aussi voir qui est le vrai No. 2.

Premature, Anthony hopes to be ready for Hamilton, but Trestman isn’t saying one way or another. Anthony has yet to practice, take a hit, or do anything to indicate that the sternum won’t start swelling up at the first sign of physical contact.

My feeling is that he’ll miss a minimum of three games.

I'm hoping he misses a few games- enough to get the two major back ups involved. I am a big fan of AC but, for the future welfare of the club we do need to develop , and groom, one back up QB. When Tracey Ham was QB, AC got plenty of reps in game conditions. When Ham retired, AC easily stepped into the number one role. I would like to have this approach with McPherson playing in game conditions. Just looking at Senor Ah Me's two posts reminded me of McP's actions in the two games that he played as QB- he was sensational in this role. I believe we will be in the Grey Cup game which, in past, Calvillo has not proved that he is a winner. In 2001 he was given the MVP award for the Grey Cup win which I believed, at the time, that AC did not deserve deserve! The MVP should have gone to Jermaine Copeland who was solid at receiver and, near the end of the game, with the Als having a minimal lead, picked off the opponents short kick attempt and, if my memory is correct , scored a TD to ice the game for the Als. In 2009 AC was useless for 53 minutes of the game but in the remaining time played well and, the receivers were sensational. One of our defensive backed picked of a pass which was the key role in the Als victory. I believe that the insertion of a great back up, like McP, would have generated points even before the last 53 minutes and the club would have not have needed luck for the win. Leak will not be the answer in future. In his recent play as QB he reminded me of an average NCAA QB. He could run, throw screens and such short passes and then, he acted like the college QB he is with his self congratulatory behavior.

Radio-canada French article:

[b]Calvillo sur le terrain, absent vendredi[/b]

@Niagara, you mean 2002 GC MVP :wink:

Yes 2002.

Je crois qu'on a déjà une controverse au poste de quart. Elle ne s'exprime pas pour l'instant parce que McPherson est blessé, mais lorsqu'il sera en mesure de jouer, elle refera surface.

Mais effectivement, l'occasion est bonne pour enfin voir réellement la relève à l'oeuvre.

I agree. At the risk of once again upsetting rabid Calvillo-ites...let's face a few hard facts:

Anthony Calvillo is getting older...slowing down (if that's possible). One or two games with a mobile quarterback at the helm might just prove to everyone that our offensive line is solid. A toxic combination of NO substantial outside running threat (other than one Bratton run/game) and an incompressible obsession with the pass has seen Calvillo seriously injured in 2 of the last 3 games. If AC steps back in there under the same conditions there may well be NO quarterback controversy...because he could be OUT....for good!!!

I won't deny that AC still has a lot of football to give to this city. His passing stats are more than sufficient proof of that. But isn't it time to consider (finally) making some time for other quarterbacks...not just as insurance...but in the time-honoured tradition of easing the transition...for the good of the team?

Maybe it will mean that AC won't ultimately achieve that "All Time Passing" glory he probably deserves.
It might just keep him in the game a few years longer.

But if things keep going the way they are now...

Could not agree more, Senior AM! I have been saying for some time now that AC is just one injury away from the end of his career. Let's face it, opposing D's know that he is a pocket passer and pin their ears back almost every play. In football there is an equation: predictability = death!

While his three-step drops have served him well over the years, the O-line is still finding itself this year with the departure of Chiu. Result? AC has been flat on his back (and injured!) a few times this year. I, too, would dearly like to see AC destroy stats and hoist the GC over his head once more. BUT I don't believe AC has anything left to prove, and the Als need to be looking to the future and grooming the next Als' pivot. The only way this can be done is in game conditions under fire. This will never be accomplished by sending them in on 3rd-and-shorts or when the game is no longer in doubt. Any future great QB has to learn the art of game management, that is from the opening kickoff to the final whistle.

Si je me fie à l'entrevue de CFLman, Calvillo pourrait être sur la touche plus d'une partie.

Quelle entrevue?
Pouvez-vous poster un "url"?

Found it....never mind

From TSN website below is latest I could find on A.C. Looks promising.

"While injured Montreal Alouettes quarterback Anthony Calvillo played catch at practice on Tuesday, he won't be rushed back into the lineup and will not suit up this Friday against the B.C. Lions.

Calvillo, who suffered a bruised sternum two weeks ago in a game against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, has progressing to the point that the doctors felt comfortable with him passing the ball in practice. The veteran quarterbacked showed full torque in his upper body.

Head coach Marc Trestman said that Calvillo would be re-assessed by doctors on the weekend.

"We're going to be very, very cautious about this," Trestman told the media on Tuesday at practice. "It's one thing to play catch, it's another thing to put pads on and it's another thing to get poked around a little bit, so we'll just see how it goes.

"I can't feel what A.C. feels, but he's going to have to feel pretty good for us to put him out there in pads in the real deal."

Trestman also said that if Calvillo takes part in a full practice next Tuesday, then there's a very good chance that he will play on Sept. 11 in Hamilton."

Senior Ah Me You are right on re " no substantial outside running".Bratton has a great 11.2 yard running average. I would like the team to use him more in this role- defenitely an area of weakness. Perhaps Leak might use his running skill to effect this? Last year Kerry Watkins was utilized for this play. I remember when the great Hal Patterson was unstoppable running from his end position.