AC to return for 1 more season

It's official, AC is coming back for at least 1 more year.
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Great to hear it! :thup:

I find it odd that his offensive co-ordinator, Marcus Brady, is not only 7 years younger, but was his back up and never made it as a bona fide CFL starter.

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Didn't the Als promise MacPherson that if he re-signed a couple years ago he'd be the starter by now?

Great point. How patient is he? He'll be 29 before next season.

Is he worth pursuing for the Tiger-Cats?

Definitely, but I don't think he'll mind waiting one more season.

The Als have invested a lot of time and resources to develop AD, thus I seriously doubt the Cats could angle him outta Montreal, especially as an opposing East division team.

But who knows...stranger things have happened..

e does not seem to have lost his touch, had another great year, and with that team there always seems to be a chance to win the Grey Cup so he could go out on top as I'm sure he'd love to do. And at the salary he probably makes, maybe it isn't so surprising he'd want to stay. He's a class act, I wish him well.

I was sort of expecting this, he really keeps himself in shape and didn't have a serious injury this year. He's good for another I'd say.

(Assuming you mean AM) Would they prevent him from pursuing a starter's job elsewhere if that's what he wanted?

I'm not so sure that Calvillo made such a great decision about continuing to play. He really has nothing left to prove. He's broken all of the records and won more than one Grey Cup. He should retire while he's on a relatively high note in his career and not stubbornly slip and fade away like Brett Favre did in the NFL. Calvillo, who will be a Hall of Famer the very second that he qualifies, definitely deserves better. It's time to let MacPherson have a go at it. I hope that this doesn't turn into another quarterback controversy in this league! :cowboy:

Its kinda hard to walk away from a $400 000 job!

At this point, it's about winning another Grey Cup for Calvillo, not personal achievements. Anthony has also indicated publicly that he is willing to share some time with McPherson so the team can start transitioning into the post-Calvillo era. Finally, McPherson became a father a few years ago, and his outlook has matured considerably. He has a family to support, and probably isn't looking to jump out into an unknown situation elsewhere, particularly when it looks like he is finally going to get increased play time this season beyond the usual short-yardage packages.

CaptainKirk wrote: (Assuming you mean AM) Would they prevent him from pursuing a starter's job elsewhere if that's what he wanted?
apologies for my blooper CK. :o yes, I meant AM

I think if McPherson adamantly requested a trade or release, the Als would try get him into the lineup rather than lose him.
As good as Calvillo is, his time with the team is still limited, and Popp knows this, thus if AC does balk, he may walk.

and if Adrian walks, who else do they have to be the future of the Montreal franchise?

It is doubtful that the Als would wish to start from scratch all over again regarding development of a newbie.