AC to confirm his retirement

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The wording is weird. He’s leaning towards retirement still and will likely confirm it in mid-January? If he’s going to retire, why not just announce it right away and save everyone the drama of waiting? The decision to wait must mean he’s still thinking about it…

Apparamment, son idée est pas mal faite, mais pas entièrement faite. Il veut être certain de n’avoir aucun regret, et peut-être encore moins celui d’avoir abandonné l’équipe sans succession.

Maybe he's waiting to see who the HC and OC will be... :wink:

Or maybe he's taking advantage of the delayed GM /HC / OC situation in Montreal time to consider a possible move to coach QBs in Chicago. Jay Cutler's future there is still uncertain, and if the Bears decide to reload for the future by drafting a college QB , Marc Trestman might want AC on his staff to groom the next Bears QB on his quick read WCO system.

Just maybe ....

According to Jeremy Filosa, Joey Saputo`s buddy :wink: , the announcement will be next week.

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Anthony Calvillo is not a stupid guy. He has no doubt been in touch with his agent and other individuals while planning his exit from active duty as a player.

Will he return in some capacity as an Als' coach? Maybe! Will he go to the NFL? Maybe! There are all sorts of possibilities, considering the career he has had.

So, Anthony, whatever you decide, you have given Als' fans - indeed all football fans - something to cheer about. We've all seen the Rudy movie; how about the Anthony Calvillo story? I'd definitely pay to see that. Unless, of course, the Anthony Calvillo football story is not yet complete!

AC could still be a backup making 100k and helping young guys build a career but the amount of work and sacrifice required to stay in playing shape at that age probably is not tempting for him. It would probably be very difficult to motivate himself to do that. I hope he stays in the Als organization. With Cutler signed long term with the Bears I can't see him becoming a QB coach for Trestman. Had they gone with a rookie maybe.

A great career coming to an end his retirement announcement should be carefully planned out as to take advantage of whatever his agent and the Als and the CFL may have up their sleeve for promotion of the Als the CFL and $$$ in Anthony's wallet.
He is the all time pro football leader in passing yards
TSN could have some ideas about him joining the panel in some capacity.
Lapo has the coaches playbook
AC could have the QB corner

Don't underestimate what AC can parlay out of his career

The NFL will not consider AC in any coaching role at all. It would be nice to see him in some kind of coaching situation with the Als or elsewhere in the CFL and I could certainly see him as a TV commentator. But I'm fairly sure his playing days are over.

What bothers me about all this hoopla is the elephant in the room: why is it even in AC's hands whether he returns or not? Every other offseason, I would have been fine with AC making the decision, because he was playing at a high level and thereby justifying the decision to keep him around. This year? He's done, clearly. He was consistently subpar this season, no longer (by his own admission!) had the will to absorb hits in order to make plays. He was one-hopping easy passes and visibly showing his frustration every play. Frankly, the decision to return should not be in his hands. Popp should basically sit him down and say, "Anthony, either you restructure your contract and come back as a veteran backup to mentor the young QBs, or you retire and become our QB coach, or you're released."

Seriously, what if Calvillo decides to come back for another season as the starter? Why should he be the one making the decision? Let's get the transition to the post-AC era started as soon as possible. The man is a legend to me, and I respect the hell out of what he's done, but all good things come to an end.

Je ne crois pas que la décision de Calvillo est de partir ou de revenir comme partant. Je crois que sa décision est de partir ou de revenir comme joueur. Popp n'a certainement pas fait signer à Smith, qui aura 30 ans, un contrat de 3 ans pour lui faire tenir la tablette. Il veut le voir jouer.

Je crois que Calvillo voudrait revenir sur le terrain, ne serait-ce que pour quitter cette passion sur une note plus heureuse qu'une blessure. Et il est possible qu'un rôle de substitut lui convienne parfaitement, comme Wilkinson l'a fait lorsque Moon est devenu partant. La question est probablement plus de savoir s'il peut revenir comme joueur.

Alors l'offre qu'il pourrait avoir faite à Calvillo est d'accepter un travail comme substitut ou comme entraîneur des quarts. Il reviendrait alors à Calvillo de choisir de revenir avec les Alouettes ou de passer à autre chose. Popp n'a pas besoin de lui parler de retraite...

I totally agree with all of that.

That said, and just to play devil's advocate here. . .while we all I think concur that AC had a poor showing in 2013 for a variety of reasons (in addition to all of what d&p just pointed out, he also had to play in a silly Hawkins/Miller offence), he still had a better passing percentage than any of the other three:

AC, 58.7
Neiswander, 56.3
Marsh, 52.8
Smith, 52.6

Completion percentage isn't everything. AC's % was higher because he was chucking 5-yard passes to covered receivers underneath instead of taking a hit to make a play that would actually move the chains. Smith is a different kind of QB from AC. He's not a possession guy, not a high-percentage thrower, and that's OK. We obviously need to improve his accuracy, but he was also operating in Berry's idiot offense that wasn't designed to play to his strengths.

Everybody, including A.C., knows his time is up. The article yesterday mentions that he is still not healthy.

But it is obviously tough for him to reconcile his retirement, so why not give him the time to feel comfortable enough to make the announcement.

If still battling concussion issues he probably will not be able to even consider coaching at this time.

Considering that Smith had no training camp and Marsh one year starting in College. They have some upside. AC and Nicewhander not so much.

He still is not recovered from his concus it seems. They could possibly be considering signing him again and starting the season on the 9 game IR and see where it goes from there.
At this point I think that Smith has done everything the right way and is on his way to having a fully all star type season. but behind him sits Marsh in only his 2nd season and Neiswander wh doe not get anyone excited.
Then there is Alex Brink who really is hard to evaluate with the conditions he played under i Winnipeg.
Smith would still be the guy but Brink is used to backing up and has plenty of playing experience behind a terible Oline. Could he be better behind a star studded Oline?

NO. 200k to sit on the nine game with no evidence he can come back is not feasible. Also as a vet he would end up costing the team a whole season salary. The extension to Smith and Marsh confirm the team has moved on and I suspect Calvillo has already told Mr. Wetenhall he is not returning.

AC should save himself the humiliation of hanging on to the bitter end and annouce his retirement. He's had a great career but all good things come to an end. If he wants to stay in football he could easily catch on somewhere in Canada (CIS if not CFL) as a coach; maybe as an analyst on TSN; I'd rather listen to him than to Steagall's rants. It will just be embarrassing if he tries to come back.

I like Stegall. Unlike many of the insipid TSN crew, he has opinions and he's not shy about airing them. More in the style of American football commentators which to me is a good thing. Also good to get better racial representation as far as the broadcasts go. Too many white broadcasters talking about a sport where black players are at least 50% represented on the field.