AC - thyroid cancer

CTV news has just announced that AC has thyroid cancer. Our thoughts are with AC and his family. Let's hope the treatments will be successful. More news to come one this one....

RDI is now reporting that the thyroidectomy was completely successful, he will have replacement hormone pills, and that AC will only undergo a single session of therapy. And now, for the best news of all - he is expected to be at his post, i.e. as the Als' starter in 2011! I sincerely hope that opens the floodgates of re-signings for our stars!

The Gazette says that even as cancer was found, Calvillo should return to training in February.

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Let's all pray that a single session, followed by a return to health, is in Anthony's future.

Les supporteurs que nous sommes lui souhaitons un rétablissement complet, du bon temps avec sa famille et un retour au jeu glorieux en 2011.

Calvillo est un vainqueur, et il va vaincre encore une fois!

Let`s all hope for a successful recovery for A.C.

He`s had a rough couple of years or so, but has handled things like a true pro.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Anthony. Not because of your athletic ability but because you are a class act as well as a devoted father and husband. God bless you sir!

Isn't life crazy! If AC hadn't fallen on the ball when he was sacked by Odell Willis he wouldn't have had a bruised sternum which means they wouldn't have found the lession when they did. I can only imagine if it hadn't been discovered until TC physicals that his post-op treatment would have been more intense.

I hope your recovery goes as planned and you're back on the field in June. However you might want to consider going easy on the Bombers in a game or two just to say thanks to Odell Willis for his part in your diagnosis. :wink:

Best wishes to the Calvillo family and here's to a speedy recovery.
Blue Blood brings a good point, it weird how things work out in life. Maybe a blessing in disguise.

First Let me say I am a Lions Fan ! and a cancer survivor of 5 yrs now . Mr Calvillo You Rock ! and I wish you had been a Lion ! . That said I am writing this to wish you all the best , I know what you are going through as I had seminoma and battled it for 2 1/2 years . Anthony you have made the CFL a better league with your pressence . Speedy recovery my friend .

Well said, TrueCFL fan!

Surprisingly I did not find cigarette smoking listed on as a possible cause for this.

There's a reference to radiation exposure in the 1920s and 1950s, (beyond Anthony's age range). Periodic dental exam x-rays are listed as NOT causing an increase in getting thyroid cancer.

Just saw this now. It is weird how life works. Though thanking a hulking 280-pound lineman for falling on your sternum may be a bit strange to some, there's no denying that the sternum injury helped the doctors identify the lesion far earlier than they otherwise would have.