AC talks about Trestman

This was on Montreal's CTV news this evening

Trestman is one classy guy

My respect for Trestman has grown a lot this year, as a coach and as a human being. He is really elevating the standard for how a CFL head coach should conduct himself. Grudgingly, I will give Jim Popp full credit for hiring Trestman. I thought this move would be a disaster at the beginning of the year. Instead, we are one win away from hoisting the Grey Cup!

Very classy indeed :thup:

This indeed is the latest, but earlier in the season and just the way he carries himself and is very curteous to the media, I noticed on TV how appreciative he is being interviewed and listen to each question and calls the announcers by their first names.
Super class and I hope he stays for a long time.
I will be cheering for him and his Als.

I think that both the Al's and the Stamp and their fans + the CFL are very lucky to have both Trestman and Huffer as head coaches. Lets hope they both stick around for a while. Classy coaches are hard to come by. Higgins was another classy one and sure he'll land somewhere.

The whole Als program is 1st class and HUMBLE. Something not seen to much in the West, where every 2 yard gain is a major celebration. Go Als Go.

:roll: oh here we go, yea no Al's player has ever celebrated a nice catch or play. You're not going to ruin a perfectly good thread again are you taleback with you're flamebait?

There's a simple solution... don't bite.

LOL, like your resolve chief, hehe, yea you never bite.