AC signs for one more year.

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Official release, Montreal - Montreal Alouettes’ Vice-President, General Manager and Head Coach Jim Popp announced today that All-Star quarterback Anthony Calvillo has signed a contract extension for the 2008 season.

An Alouette since 1998, Calvillo is currently in his 14th season in the CFL. He began his career with the Las Vegas Posse in 1994 before spending three seasons with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats from 1995 to 1997.

He has led the Alouettes to five Grey Cup championship games, winning in 2002 and being named the game’s Most Outstanding Player that year.

Named CFL's Most Outstanding Player in 2003, Calvillo also earned the East Division Most Outstanding Player Award in 2003 and 2004.

He has passed for more than 5,000 yards in four different seasons including a record year of 6,041 yards in 2004.

This year, the 35-year-old quarterback became the fourth quarterback in league history to pass for over 50,000 career yards.

Good stuff. Hopefully when they can Bellefeuille and hire a real O.C., Calvillo will be able to show the critics that he still has what it takes.

I agree with discipline. Give him a decent OC and some time in the pocket and he will put up the numbers.

Interesting though that it is for only 1 yr. Will we finally see the real grooming for a replacement next season?

As far as I know all contracts include an option year but there is no mention of it.

:? WHY........
Are we heading the same direction as the Argos with Allen.....Forget the number give some excitement!

I don't believe that this is the same thing. At 35, Allen was still very effective as is AC imho. If AC is still playing at 42 and is constantly fighting off nagging injuries, unable to play a full game without always getting hurt, then I may feel different.

Besides, it's not like they had much of a choice. I'm sure that if Brady had played against Edmonton the same way he played that one game against BC, the Als may not have been so hard pressed.

Crimson, agreed, Allen and Calvillo are at different stages in their careers. Calvillo still has a fair bit of football left in him at a high level. He just needs an O-line that won't let him get killed every other play and an O.C. whose IQ isn't exceeded by my couch.

Allen is 42 AC is 35.
IMO he has a good 5 years before he is in the same boat as Allen was.

Notice it was a 1 year contract. As long as he continues to produce, I have no problem with the Als going year to year

He needs more talent around him hes very good.

It may just be me but he seems to be throwing the ball better now than before he got hurt. Much more on target and hitting receivers in stride.

Actually I think you are right however, he may have gone back to his old 5 step drop back instead of the ridiculous 3 step that MB tried to get him to implement.
I will have to watch for it tomorrow night

I did not notice but excellent point.

This just doesn’t cut it for me…Ok he’s gonna be here 1 more here…will he really “groom” another QB, like HAM did with him ?

I’ve been a skeptic since East Finals in '04, when AC went down, and we didn’t had a proper replacement (even if Ted White scored more pts in the East Finals than AC).

In '05: We didn’t move…we still had T.White & E.Robertson.

In '06: N.Greene (“washed” up), Brady (1 hit wonder)& “Palmer”

In '07: Maas (who “wasted” 2 seasons in HAM), Brady, Banks (only good season in '04) & Procter.

In '08: I’ll guarantee you that AC will be #1 at camp with no competition at camp, just like the last 6 years…and we’ll all be here complaining about the QB situation, once AC goes down !

Somehow, I don't see myself complainning about the QB situation next year nearly as much as I will be complainning about Popp / Bellefeuille (if they are still here).

I can understand why fans are skeptical but imo, we are in a better postion with our backup situation now than we have been since AC backed up Ham. I am willing to concede that Brady may have blown his chance but I would need to see Mass and/or Banks before I pass judgement.

Don't assume Brady can't cut it just because he had a few subpar games. We have viable options at QB for the first time in a LONG time.

With Maas salary I don't expect him to be back next year or to be traded this winter

Who's left: AC, Brady, Banks & Procter & maybe 2-3 other QB at camp that will probably get cut after 1 st pre-season game.

If Maas stays in '08, he won't be here for 2-3 seasons..

That's why I'm skeptical about this whole Qb of the future (we haven't found yet) situation...

Jimmy Popp won't be able to rely on our secret weapon; Ben Cahoon since retirement will come end of '08 season.

I agree. I should have been more clear. When I said Brady may have blown his chance, I meant that Als management may not give him another shot. Imo, he just needs some time and reps (but I am not sure if the Als will give it to him - imho, they should). Besides, I remember a time where I heard people saying guys like Bishop and Glenn weren't cut out to be starters in the CFL either.

Agreed. I believe that Mass is gone by training camp next season if not before. The only reason why he is still here is because trading him to Edmonton would have meant improving a team who could overtake the Als in that final playoff spot. Popp isn't stupid (at least as a GM anyway...)

Agreed. We need to be more patient. Glenn, Bishop, Joseph, even Jarius Jackson, they all had a lengthy apprenticeship before they became the quarterbacks they are today. Brady has all the physical tools to be a starting QB. He just has to get the mental aspect down and read defenses more consistently.

Look at Glenn this year. This is the first time I've seen him be so consistently good at adjusting the play based on his pre-snap read. He picks up blitzes so effectively and usually has the ball out right away on the hot read. He can see when it's zone coverage and find the soft spot where his receiver has settled. He rarely gets rattled into making bad decisions or desperation throws that result in picks. And all this has only really surfaced this year.

Don't feel bad, even Doug Berry is surprised how well Glenn is doing.

Good thing signing Calvillo. I hope they keep Maas unless they get a 1A type player I think its important when your starting QB is 36 years old that you have a solid backup and there are no better guy off the bench then Maas.