AC out against the Stamps?

RDS and Randy Tieman are reporting that AC was quite bruised from that arm stretch last Friday. Trestman is reporting that AC may be out and AD took first team practise today.

So, we'll see how the rest of the week unfolds, but it could well be that AD makes his first start since....since....since...I'm running out of fingers and toes!

So, we all wish Anthony a speedy recovery, but this possibility has always been around for the last few years. It could also be that the coaching staff are just being cautious (or maybe playing a little possum?) with AC but if AD does indeed start, I wish him every success. We still have to win!

Go Als go!

Either way it's good to keep Calgary in the dark
You can imagine the Stamps practicing defensive packages
With McPherson in mind...

Divide their attention
And then hit em with everything we've got

Gotta love the mind games


and it's only week # 3

As long as the mind games don't make Senior cranky. Really messes up our week LOL !

turns out AC had his pain saturday morning and had his MRI over the weekend. he's apparently feeling better this morning.
just waiting for the results.
If anything the als are getting a Lot of media coverage over this. to be fair there's nothing else going on. might as well take advantadge.

With Trestman if you don't practice you don't play. If he practices tomorrow taking most reps. You know he will be in. If not he'll go with Adrian.

Well AC Did practice. And with Adrian having taken reps yesterday we should be good for thursday.

Herb saying A.C. in helmet and pads and looking fine.

Oh well...

If I can echo someone else's sentiments
Even though AC's fine
We still have to WIN...

Go Als!!!

:thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

Herb saying A.C. and A.D. are splitting reps.

There`s still hope Senior!

Mind Games Forever

Got a John Lennon song floating in my brain

Have to thank the person who tipped me on Herb's twitter feed
I can see the attraction

What tweets lack in elaboration
They make up for in directness
And brutal honesty...

Like the insinuation that the "camera vultures"
Are circling over Calvillo's career

If the game was on the road, they'd give Adrian the ball. being at home. I think they will go with AC.

Can I just ask why we're suddenly calling McPherson 'A.D.'? Shouldn't it be A.M.? :smiley:

Teammates refer to him as A.D. Maybe it should be O.D. - One day.

Thanks. I guess they're just using the first two letters of his first name. Still seems weird to me. :wink:

It's been his nickname since college...maybe before
It's also cool...he's the next step after AC=AD

feels like a trig lesson. :stuck_out_tongue:

Like a lot of people
I can't help wondering what players talk about on the sidelines...
After the 1st quarter touchdown to Bekasiak
AD was yapping it up with the big defensive end...and I was REALLY curious what they were saying
For those anglos who can't or won't listen to the Alouettes coverage on CKAC
I decided to transcribe their account of this story:

(McPherson) is a guy who's become...over the years...even though he's a backup...sort of a quiet leader with the Alouettes.

Let me relate an anecdote:

J.P.Bekasiak scored his first lifetime touchdown. When I say lifetime...J.P.Bekasiak is a defensive lineman. He's never scored a touchdown in his career...peewee, novice, highschool, university...never. It's never happened.
He says, "The last time? No, no...the last time is in my dreams. And that's been a bloody long time."
Still..there's been this play in the coach's arsonal. They've been practicing it for 3 years. 3 years he's been asking, "When are we going to do it? When are we going to DO it?"
And the coaches said "Probably never".

McPherson, when I talked to him about it said jokingly (he's the one who threw the touchdown pass to Bekasiak) said, "I always told him: Don't even think about it...never in 100 years am I throwing you a pass even if I'm forced to do it. Don't count on's never going to happen"
Obviously...once he got the opportunity, he DID throw him the pass. Bekasiak caught the ball.
It's the kind of little thing that adds to the chemistry of a team...and brings defensive linemen closer to guys like McPherson.

So make no mistake...McPherson is becoming more and more of a factor in that lockeroom.

And he's a legitimate heir apparent