AC made the call!

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"With 15 seconds left ... I didn't think there was time to run two plays.

TOLD YA! :stuck_out_tongue:

oh yeah good call
how about "with one time out "still left in the bank does that change the perspective
ps ro1313--i think AC has made his payment to your bank account so your ok

Is there a point in this responce?

None that I see.

Congrats ro, you were right and we (myself included) were wrong to blame Popp for that particular brain cramp.

Mea culpa.

(But Popp still gets a failing grade on the Winnipeg game for failing to go for the field goal on 3rd and goal when were behind by only one point. Had we done that, then the later screwup on the 2 point convert wouldn't have been necessary).

Honestly, I only assumed that it was Popp because he said he had made the mistake when he was interviewed. Anyway, it was a bad call regardless of who made it.