AC is in the shape of his life !

This man is incredible...

CFL training camps open on June 3, and this could be the last time Calvillo puts his body through one. He turns 40 in December. Still, he’s holding off making a definitive declaration on retirement because he’s throwing so effortlessly now, it’s as if his right arm had been retooled.

“The [thyroid] surgery in my neck made my shoulder a lot tighter than I anticipated,? he said. “But this year … the body is amazing. I don’t feel any soreness, tightness, anything. I’m the way I used to feel, and that’s encouraging. Knowing that I’m going to camp, and feeling like this … it’s exciting.?

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Great minds, man. I just posted this in the Als forum. :smiley:

the man is a prodigious anomaly, no doubt.

and his unwavering diet and workout regimen are not without immense discipline as well.
It is by no fluke that Calvillo possesses most all time passing records and I doubt this year's performance will be much different than the past few.

having said that, does Trestman not plan to split QB duties with AC and McPherson this season?

We are all waiting to see how this all works out. I'm hoping we don't try to play AC 18 games. I guess a lot will depend on how the season goes. We could be fighting for our lives the whole season or maybe not...

....When a player luvs the game, is as dedicated and has the work ethic of a Calvillo, good things happen...A.C. sets a great example for a lot of players to follow ...Should be more like him :thup:

The thing about Calvillo which is rare is it seems that he's gotten better with his "advanced" age. I don't think his star was that big in the early to mid 2000s, but the last 5 years he's been consistently regarded as in a league of his own. Add to that, he's one of the classiest, most humble guys around.

He was certainly big in 2002 when the Als dominated the regular season and brought home the franchise's first Grey Cup in 25 years, but the multiple GC losses (2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2008) gave him the (undeserved IMO) reputation as someone who couldn't win the big game. I think 2009 was when he really elevated himself into elite status: changing his off-field training regimen and leading a spectacular Grey Cup comeback to finally get the monkey off his back regarding all those previous losses; the 2010 b2b Cup win only cemented his legacy, particularly the second half of the game, which was probably one of the most dominant examples of QB ball control in a pressure situation that I've ever seen. He was lights out to close out that game. Since then, he's just been so sharp every year, to the point where there is really no reason for him not to continue playing on a yearly basis. He's a fitness fanatic now, and nobody reads the field better. As you noted, it's rare for a player to hit a new plateau of excellence in the back half of his career.

As long as he can play at a high level, I want him leading the Als. It's been an incredible privilege to be an Als fan in the Calvillo era. It's going to be all kinds of strange when he finally does retire.

I give credit to his wife and daughters :slight_smile:

Of course! :smiley:

I remember watching Calvillo when he was with Hamlton playing against the Als. I thought he was a great passer at that time. I was amazed that the Ti Cats cut him. He should establish passing records that will be difficult to beat

You made to 100 Anthony... can't hang out forever...