AC is done

I hope Popp got the message today. AC could not have been more clear. I can see him coming out of the game and catching himself but he chose not to go back into the game when he clearly was not in any pain in the second half. Time to develop his replacement he's lost his desire to lead.

I'm not saying you're wrong, but how do you know it was his decision not to go back into the game?

Because Popp went to see him multiple times and before the half when Popp was interviewed it was clear he expected both him and London back. Way to let his boss down when he was desperately needed and who's put him first for years. If they rest Calvillo from practice and hand him the ball against the Lion I think I'm going to puke.

And it's very possible that in the second half, the team doctors said hold him out to make sure. That happens all the time. Coach says a player is coming back and he doesn't come back. Doesn't mean the player pulled himself needlessly. I get what you're saying, but you don't know AC's physical state and you're just guessing...

London took a pretty good hit to the head! AC's head hit the turf when Foley hit him too.

Hey.. You guys want to keep riding the guy. You will see as the season progress that he's done. 4-8 85 yards in a half of football, happy feet and rushed throws, throws in the dirt. All the signs are there and obvious for anyone to see. We are going to finish third and barely squeeze into the post season for the only reason that Winnipeg is in worse shape than an expansion team.

What does any of that have to do with Calvillo not playing because of a concussion? I'm not saying ride Calvillo. I don't think he has it anymore either. But what you're doing is classic confirmation bias. You already believe that AC is done, so you twist every little incident to speak to that belief. You know what? Maybe he just had a concussion and it's worse than it looked! Anthony can be done AND still have a legit concussion. Both are possible, not mutually exclusive.

It was a head injury. League policies are pretty clear when it comes to possible concussions.

Foley wrapped him like a hospital patient around the numbers and put him down, please ! I don't want to say nasty things about him. I am just saying I've seen enough this year to know he's done. Today was the cherry on the sundae.

You need to stop blurring everything together into one big soup of condemnation. I am not disputing that AC's done. But to say he pulled himself from a game when every team now errs on the side of caution with concussions is just unfair and unnecessary. Things are complicated. AC might be done physically and mentally but might still have the desire to lead, might be frustrated and trying to push himself even though the arm is gone and the decision-making has gone south. There is absolutely no need to drag his name through the mud. We can all see the writing on the wall, man. I AGREE that he's done, just stop making stuff up about the concussion...

We'll see this week if its a concussion...


If you watched the game on TSN you can clearly see by reading lips, that when asked, AC replies that he has blurred vision.
Do you think that would be the correct thing for any QB to Do ? Go in and be a bigger problem for the team, not to mention your own health.
If you have be around people that have been concussed, they may look OK, but I can tell that is not the case.

HFX is stating an opinion as fact. Again.
His opinion was that Calvillo was not hurt and could have come back in. That is not yet a fact by any stretch.
He also stated that Popp said he was coming back in. I sure didn't hear that. And it is a medical decision.
Doesn't mean AC is not done. I think he is. But what HFX is stating as fact is strictly an opinion about motives.

Yeah, we should certainly throw a QB with blurred vision and likely a concussion back into the game because you think that sitting means he doesn't have a desire to lead.

QBs don't need to be able to see straight to play, right? :roll:

This is just stupid. You're seeing what you want to see and just making stuff up to try and pass it off as fact.

I don't have any problems with AC protecting himself. He went down from a very normal hit a QB has to take in this game. He isn't playing well and I think he's done. When you lose "the eye of the tiger" you should retire.

Jim was talking to RDS not TSN. TSN was unwatchable today.

He may be done.
But your point was that he was not truthful about his injury and took himself out, let his boss down, and refused to go back.
And stated that as a fact.
Its not an argument about whether he is playing well. He’s not. he’s in fact dreadful.

On TSN Popp said he was out at the half. Moot point.

to go back to a comment from last week that I was suspicious of Calvillo missing practice.
Popp said today back-ups got work this week because Calvillo was out of town and had a shoulder issue.

My conspiracy theory, totally unproven, was that Calvillo was told that Troy Smith was going to be signed, back-ups were going to get reps. He stayed home thinking about things....not happy. That's my theory.

I do not believe he's taking this well. That's my theory. Not sure about the injury. But not fair to state he quit on them as a fact. Possible tho.

I agree with HfX in that AC is done and I agree with everyone else that it was right for AC not to return.

The streak endeth at 23 games, he's 184 yds shy of 80,000 but none of that matters. Senior Blah Me can write a 10 page dissertation of 'I told you so' and I'd gladly read it.

I wouldn't be surprised to hear AC call it quits this week. As bad as Neiswander was I doubt AC would have done that much better. I think that's what Hfx was really trying to say.

I'm not completely disappointed with the loss. Came down to the final play and today is the 2 year anniversary of my permanent ban from so this one's for my good buddy U2. :cowboy:

Had fun at the sold out Impact game tonight and tomorrow Alex Kovalev is having his softball tourney at Gary Carter park. Glad the Als aren't all there is for me to follow but I'll still be at Moncton and Guelph.

This team works so hard. They don't quit and they play hard, Saw lots to like last night. A lot of discipline, team kept running to the ball. It was a violent game and they didn't back down. Sheet was held to his smallest production in seven games. But it was the same culprits again tonight. Deslauriers dropping balls, Whyte who can't kick a field goal pass the forty, a QB who would rather rush a throw than wait another half a second for his receiver to create separation and a corner who likes to look the part but wouldn't put himself in harms way for his team.

That's really the point...isn't it?

The defence has shown MARKED improvement this year
So has the Special Teams
To be fair to Whyte, he did make 4/5 FG
Not exactly a pathetic showing.

The ONE factor that's continually letting the team down
(and this goes back to s statement made by John Bowman LAST YEAR when the defence was being raked over the coals)
Is an offence that frequently fails to give the D a defensible position
ESPECIALLY when that defense is designed to be aggressive
a design that falls flat when they are always required to defend their half of the field

This was the CRUCIAL argument I made last year
In defence of giving our backups a more active role in the offence
As we saw Calvillo's inconsistencies dragging on the team's success