AC interview

Interesting AC interview - what more does he have to prove.

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Nothing in my book. It'll be a pleasure to watch him play seeing as he's inching closer to retirement.

Just have fun AC and keep padding your unreachable stats. :thup:

C,est une entrevue intéressante.

Les points que je retiens, ce sont sa relation avec McPherson et son dévouemenet envers l'équipe.

Manifestement, cette relation n'est que professionnelle et semble assez distante. Mais Calvillo n'est pas un type très émotif en général. Remarquez qu'il semble avoir une bonne estime des capacités de McPherson.

D'autre part, il a l'approche à laquelle on est en droit de s'attendre si jamais il n'était plus dans le coup. Ce sera donc à l'équipe de décider de son sort. Ce qui est un peu contradictoire, c'est que, si ma mémoire est bonne, Trestman a dit il y a quelques semaines que c'était à Calvillo de décider de son temps de jeu.

J avais pense la meme chose. J espere que il y aura un peu plus de temps pour jouer cette saison a pars de 3ieme et court.

C'est a Adrian de gagner la confiance d"Anthony.

Bang on.

I would lean to the fact that he probably already has it.

Probably, though it's hard to know. Their relationship appears to be professional, as LeStaf said, but distant.

An interesting thing in that article was Calvillo's emphatic preference for having the coaches call the plays. It sheds a new light on the Don Matthews era, when Anthony was calling his own plays and maybe dealing with too much pressure.

True. Hard to know what goes on in the locker room. But what starter really has a solid relationship with the backup, one who is waiting in the wings to take over your job.

Since that responisiblity has been removed, AC has been better for it.
Just need to worry about executing the play and not a myriad of other things along with it.

Don't remember AC complaining about having to call his own plays during the Matthews era. Doug Flutie had that same privilege. His on-field performance certainly didn't suffer because of it: MOP 2003. 6,000 yds passing in 2004. Reached grey cup 2003,05,06. Won in 02. Not a bad era either.

LOL, man, what do you expect? A player isn't going to come out and say he disapproves of what his head coach is making him do. It's bad pub. I'm not at all surprised that AC kept his feelings to himself.

Doug Flutie had that same privilege.
Great. But most quarterbacks are not Doug Flutie, whose primary strength was improvising plays after the pocket had broken down. For a pocket-passer like Calvillo, it's a different story.
His on-field performance certainly didn't suffer because of it: MOP 2003. 6,000 yds passing in 2004. Reached grey cup 2003,05,06. Won in 02. Not a bad era either.
Not bad, but you have to wonder whether the burden of calling his own plays didn't lead to a crucial loss here and there.

It's telling that no QB in today's CFL calls his own plays. Calvillo and Damon Allen were really the last quarterbacks to do it consistently, and they stopped doing it five or six years ago.

It can be done but why? Ifyou pay a coach close to half a million, let him deal with that. The job is difficult enough without having to call your own plays. The CFL game has also changed a lot in 10 years. It is losing that "sandlot" football and it has become more sophisticated IMO.

he even said himself that he is happy not having to worry about play calling.
And as DP said, how many of "his" calls were the best selection under the circumstances? No one will ever know but at the end, take that burden off him and allow him to focus on executing the play.

As for me, great stats yes. Would have rather seen another GC or two as oppose to runner up.

If Matthews let AC call his own plays it was to AC's credit, that's how good he felt he was and he showed it time and time again.

As for winning grey cups, the 2009 game needed a botched play from the riders to win it and the defence had to step up in 2010. Even in 2002 the defence played a big factor. Last year you could see that even if Marc was calling the plays and the als led the league in offence it's not enough to win a championship. I guess you're all saying it's too bad AC had to call his own plays under Matthews and I agree it's better someone does it for him but i'm not going to complain about 2002-2006. No freakin' way. The sad part is how most montrealers missed out on that era.

True the D had to come up big and the D let them down in last year's eastern semi final.

I also seem to recall AC struggling at times to get the O moving when he was calling his own plays too. And I did not miss out on the era.

My point is let him worry about execution and leave the play calling to his coaches. :smiley:

Yeah, such a terrible era where they went 63-31 and no other team did better. I' guess i shouldn't miss those days either :roll: .

Guess I don't know enough about football to belong in this group. I'll stick to baseball. Got a game tonight and got some golf with the 1981 expos in town june 15. That sport needs more help anyway. You can take it with the 2,000+ absent fans in the stands at each game. Have a good one. :cowboy:

Autism walk at jarry park tomorrow and then off to the memorial cup final. I'll have plenty of time to think about how deficient I am.

Warren Cromartie, Andre Dawson, Tim Raines and others if I am not mistaken will be in town that weekend.
Should be a good time. And raising funds for Gary Carter's charity.

Good luck with the walk tomorrow.

That's great. I'll tell him that when I see him at Plymouth,MA june 19 for the annual flutie golf for autism. Just as well the als-argos game isn't televised but i'll buy a ticket for that game cuz it has special meaning for me. Just like the june 19 2010 pre-season game here between these 2 same teams.



Mission accomplished: les Veilleux sont champions!! go cats go (and i don't mean hamilton). just got back.

up bright and early next sunday morning to go to bishop's with my mom and get a glimpse of the als.