AC - injuries

Let's hope the injury to AC is not serious enough to hamper him for this game.

It brings up the point, though, of management of the future Als' signal-caller. I repeat what I said at the end of last season, that Trestman and the coaching staff will have to give serious thought to either "platooning" or gradually introducing Leak and McPherson (when he gets off the IL). It was very scary to see AC go down like that. One such injury could very well bring a screeching halt to the Als' season if a new QB has to be thrust into the action via "baptism of fire". Mind you, some great careers have begun that way.

My last remark is about the lack of conversions in the Red Zone. The Als are not scoring TDs and that has to be a great concern for all of the O coordinators. AC. and the other QBs will have to come up with more innovative plays for the red zone. Hope they come up with something.

Justement, c'est quand Calvillo est sorti que la ligne offensive a commencé à s'améliorer. Il était temps!

L'an dernier, c'est justement contre Hamilton qu'il s'était blessé. McPherson avait très bien fait en relève, mais les gars ne l'ont pas beaucoup aidé le match suivant contre Winnipeg. C'est dire combien ça coûterait de perdre Calvillo même pour quelques parties.

J'ai aimé voir Leak en fin de partie. Je crois que Trestman a bien fait d'attendre que la partie soit hors de portée des Tiger Cats pour l'envoyer sur le terrain.

En passant, le touché de Carter montre quelque chose d'important en ce qui concerne comment finir les séquences dans la zone payante. Dans ce jeu, Carter était le gars oublié. La défensive a couvert Cahoon, Richardson, Watkins, Cobourne et Bratton, mais a complètement oublié Carter pendant 3 secondes : c'était assez pour qu'il se retrouve seul avec le ballon.

Le pire, les Alouettes n'ont que deux autres quarts en bonne santé Leak et Santos.

Quand Calvillo a rentre au vestiare, je regardais plus la game. Je regardais la porte, en esperant qu'il reviens sur le terrain!!

Last year at the beginning of the season, to deal with the lack of TDs in the red zone the, team began to run/pass on third down with sucess. Trestman allowed the team to do this- I believe that the offense remains more aggressive when doing this than always kicking on third down which is a passive way of getting three points. Last evening Duval was great with the field goal team and, we won with his kicking. However, we should show more aggression by going for 7 more often than passively accepting 3 all of the time. To prove my point we just need to examine our 09 Grey Cup when the team was successful in going for third and long again and again in getting the win. I believe that going for the field goal always shows passive acceptance of what can be continual and expected behavior, which can only be broken up, by going pass/run on occasion.