AC...In or Out ?

Has anyone heard whether the Als plan to play AC this weekend ?

AC said on TSN that he's ready to go and will play against Winnipeg.

My intelligence gathering with a student of mine -- an Als cheerleader -- rendered no clear answer. LMAO Not that she's in the loop of depth chart considerations...she asked me if I knew. :wink:

My guess is AC will play part of the game to stop the bleeding, if anything. The Als have to rebound with consistency on offense to at least help right the ship in the time of possession and game management areas so as to aid the suddenly leaky defence. If he's still dinged though, he'll sit. The next truly meaningful game for the Als is the East final at the Big O. They will not jeopardize that by risking an aggravation of AC's injury on Sunday.

Oski Wee Wee,


I'm sure they also want him to be sharp for the finals and not rusty from not playing in over a month, like every player on their defence. But I'm not complaining because that will give us a chance to beat them.

is she hot?

According to this article in today’s Hamilton Spectator, quarterback Anthony Calvillo will play tomorrow against the Bombers. Equally important is that three defensive starters return to the Als’ lineup tomorrow: middle linebacker Shea Emry, outside linebacker Diamond Ferri, and cornerback Davis Sanchez.

Will it matter if he plays or not?
If Winnipeg wins or loses it still comes down to Ticats at Winnipeg next week to determine who hosts the East semi and the Als still host the East final.

The only scenario where the result of the Montreal vs. Winnipeg game tomorrow is crucial in the battle for second place in the CFL East is an unlikely one where a rare tie occurs next week in the game between the Ticats and Bombers.

If the Ticats lose to the Riders today and the Bombers beat the Als tomorrow, a tie in next week's game would hand second place to the Bombers.

If Hamilton wins and the Bombers lose this week, then Hamilton would take second place with a tie in next week's game.

If the Ticats and Bombers both win or both lose this weekend and they tie in their game next week, then Hamilton takes second place because they have a two point differential in head-to-head games this year having defeated the Bombers 25-13 and losing to the Bombers 38-28.

In every other scenario, the winner of the Ticats vs. Bombers game next week takes second place regardless of the outcome of the Als vs. Bombers game tomorrow.