AC in chicago

Just read on the that CA was down there as a guest coach. Great pr for the league.

Can you provide a specific link, not just the general site? Thanks.

I'm confused, who is CA ?

I think he meant to write AC.

I retrospect, I was somewhat surprised when Trestman left he did not make a play for AC, realizing though how he was under contract.
Even at his age, AC is better than anyone with the Bears.

I just found this, didn`t know about this before. Thanks Pikk.

[url=] ... y-calvillo[/url]

Do you get the idea once AC retires, he will have a job under Trestman?

He loves Montreal like O'shea loves Toronto...

Does he like Trestman more though?

La question est peut-être plutôt de savoir si Trestman va encore avoir ce boulot lorsque Calvillo va se retirer…

Nice! :smiley:

His wife and her family are here in Montreal. And his eldest may be of school age now. Can not see AC pulling his family to Chicago.

You don't know who calvillo anthony is. :slight_smile:

Slow little a was I. :lol:

Well to celebrate AC's 20th year in the cfl I'll be buying a ticket for all 20 games he'll be playing in this season. Only doing it this once. Thanks for everything number 13.

All is set for Regina. Hope to see ya there.