Ac Gose after ticats Fan in Tweets

So AC is now Attacking fans for not buying tickets
You should not do this The Game play will make people come out Win and they will come .
They started out 0-2 now they won 3 Straight
what team is Real tiger cats ?
Also it a long weekend ..


If you guys are true fans and really believed in us we wud have sell outs like Sass, Mtl, Peg.. Are base needs to step it up.. we need U!
5 hours ago
S/O 2 the fans that want 2 claim the win but dont want 2 show up n help out.. #Disappointed We want sell outs.. Get off your ass and show up

I understand he trying butts in Seats but to Publicly go after fans is not good.
I don't blame some people for saying home they have their reasons .
AC Should stick to football..

I understand what he's saying, but I wish he would have said it differently.

The guy who always doubts the team he claims to be a fan of and always predicts losses should not be trying to set any example for how players should behave.

X2 :thup:

AC is right. A huge game against the defending champions and we can't even sell out. Games before the long weekend are a hard sell, but then again, we didn't even sell out our playoff game against the Argos. I guess some fans are not happy about the product on the field or are unhappy with the way the stadium fiasco has played out.

I agree with AC. Long weekend or not, every Ticat fan knows we have to get through Montreal to take this team to the next level. The only people who would be offended at his comments are fair-weather fans.

I have no problem with what Cobourne wrote. He said he was disappointed that the game was not sold out. He said earlier in the week that he wanted a sell out. When Cobourne plays the way he did last night, he can say and tweet whatever the heck he wants.

Besides, he’s right. Winnipeg’s stadium is packed; over 20,000 season-ticket holders. This all coming after a 4-14 season. The Cats are coming off back-to-back playoff appearances. The 0-2 start should mean nothing. Fans are fans through thick and thin. People need to start showing up for more than one game a year (Labour Day). Perhaps if they did, we wouldn’t have the people who come for the playoff game and scream and yell when the offense is on the field.

Hamilton fans claim to be among the best in the league; however, when it comes to putting their money where their mouth is, they become shrinking violets.

Next home game should be interesting. This is a good football team that will, at worst, have won three of four and be playing against their supposed arch rivals. I can’t wait to hear the excuses should this game not be a sellout. It’s not opposite a long weekend, it’s not played at a cooky time (7PM kickoff on a Saturday), and the product on the field is as good as it’s been in a decade. No excuses for not having 28,000+ at Ivor Wynne.

I bought 14 tickets to this game in Box H for the Aug 13th showdown with the shipwrecks and my fam and friends are taking a limo to the game. I'm bringing three greenbloods fans from Saskatoon and I certainly hope we sell this out to show what kind of fans we really has to my future in laws :lol: It would be a shame if we had <28,000 seats in the seats!

After a 4-14 season, the Peg is showing their pride (new stadium on the horizon that they feel pride in again). And the Jets selling out with seasons.

Hamilton, well, not the Peg. People here as a whole prefer to identify themselves as Torontonians by and large IMHO.

Attendance - 24,068

i was amongst the 24,068 last nite! so he ain't talking to me..haha

8) Get used to it Avon.
   Despite what some ill informed people think, Hamilton is just not a sports town any more.

   They don't support the football team, or the hockey team in this city, which in itself is a disgrace !!     <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

Great for the fans that came out! but where are the rest. bob must be scratching his head to try to figure out why the fans aren't coming out. Heard all the excuses over the years, "I won't come out if its a long weekend" I won't come out if its a weekend game, I won't come out if its a Thursday night game, I won't come out if its going to rain, I won't come out if its hot, the excuses just keep piling up.
Hopefully, a new stadium with new seats will get people out of their Lazy Boys and away from their large flat screen HD TVs

By the way can we just drop this "AC" thing, so confusing, AC is the QB in MTL!!

Why can't you just put "Avon" if you don't want to type all them letters, it's only TWO MORE letters

I have no problem with what he tweeted.

IMO, he's right. 100%

I'm really liking Deuces! :thup:

X2...or X22 LOL

No issue with it whatsoever.

Oski Wee Wee,


I don't think AC is talking to most of us here.

He is talking to the other 500,000 people that live within the City limits.

I agree also with what AC twitted. Its about time people showed up to these games, instead of sitting behind there computers with fake names, trashing the team and what the players say! True Die Hard fans will be there rain/shine/win or loose! All others are bandwagoners! Now lets ALL get out there on August 13th and watch the Cats destory the Argo’s. cause nobody Blows like the Argo’s! :rockin:
You either support this team or you dont, there is NO 3 option in my mind! :thup:

You either support this team or you dont, there is NO 3 option in my mind!
I wouldn't be saying that around the business office people if I were you. :wink:

Sports is still an entertainment product that has to be marketed to EVERY level of interest and attendance habits to survive.

Alienating potential customers by trying to insult and humiliate them has the exact opposite effect that a team would desire.

Im ok with the comments. This city has to step it up.


As noted above, 'Peg goes 4-14, THEN sells 21K season tix...okay, MAYBE new stadium has something to do with that...'course, by that measure, we should sell 20K + in two years, right?

This city has to step up and support this team...they are fun to watch, play hard and play tough D...all that is the Hammer!