AC- Best Qb in CFL

Looking at the statistics one would have to rate AC as the All Canadian QB to date:

Most Completions 264
Most TD Passes 24
longest completion 81 yards
Least Interceptions 5
Best % completions 67.5
Highest QB Rating 108.1

With respect to total yards passing AC is second with 69 yards less than Ricky Ray. As expected, AC does not rate higher that some QB's in rushing. These stats would confirm that AC is having his greatest year to date.

And yet! He still wont get the respect he deserves!

All he has to do is go all the way. Providing the team stays healthy the situation dosen’t get better then it is this year.

Tons of weapons
Great coaching staff
good team chemistry
weak oposition in the east
a by
a home Grey Cup

I admire his work ethics this year. I also like how he and Cahoon brutalised the Toronto defense aftery they roughed up Ben one too many times…From where I’m looking this is a different Calvillo.

Calvillo and Ray are the best QBs in the league right now. A Montreal-Edmonton Grey Cup isn't out of the question.

Not bad for a guy whose 'washed up' and should retire, eh?

Calvillo is having a great year. The top 2 QBs definitely are Calvillo and Ray. It's tough to choose between those 2.

I disagree. I have heard the arguements that "Montreal is in the East and if they were in the West".

But as a football fan, and a Stampeder season ticket holder, I have to say that nobody should be making that East/West comment. I'm sure those kind of comments do not represent the majority of football fans. AC is one of the elite QB's in the game today.

I dont follow.

You said that AC wasn't getting the respect he deserves. I'm just trying to say that most football fans are aware of AC's abilities and the numbers that he is putting up - and it's not becuase of the division he plays in.


Michael Bishop got one of TSN's gameballs this week. Michael F. Bishop. Playing against one of the worst teams in the league, the Blue Bombers. A game in which all he did was air the ball out to receivers who climbed the ladder and made circus catches time after time.

Buck Pierce got a game ball for pounding a brutal Ti-Cats team into submission.

Yes, let's ignore Calvillo because lightning struck twice and Bishop actually had a good completion percentage for one frickin week.

THAT is the kind of disrespect that bothers me. Especially when you consider that Calvillo, in passing for almost 400 yards, throwing 3 TDs and running one in himself, not only played a near-perfect game, but passed Matt Dunigan on the all-time CFL TD list.

But no game ball.

I totally agree with the above posts- AC and Ricky Ray are the best QB'S in the CFL. If you were a CFL coach to a new franchise in Ottawa and had the right to pick one QB in the CFL, who would you chose? To answer this question let us assume that both these QB' are the same age.

My choice would be Ray for other reasons beyond passing ability [they are equal in passing]. I believe Ray is stronger. His strength is obvious as he has the ability to push off rushing defenders indeed I believe he is the best QB at handling the rush. He is not as good as Burris at running the ball but, I can remember several games when Ray gave Edmonton a win strictly on the basis of his ability to run. He is a very very tough guy to bring down!!

My bet is that the Als and Edmonton will battle for the Grey Cup this year in Montreal. Although Edmonton has the edge in their history with Edmonton having the most wins [ you older guys will regretfully remember the games of 1954, 1955 and 1956 ] I believe these two teams would produce one very exciting Grey Cup game.I would not even try to predict the winner!!!!

AC is in top form. he is definitely capable of locking up the east in the next 3 weeks.
the esks/als grey cup 2005 was a showcase for Calvillo and Ricky Ray who delived one of the all time greatest games.

AC is only good because of the rest of the offense including a great oline, clutch recievers and decent running backs to keep the opposing defences on their toes. AC is good but the rest of your offense is great


I think second highest passer in CFL history makes him better than just good