AC and Brett Favre...

Ok, I know I will get tons of boos and a few rotten eggs for this post, throw them, I accept. But, After reading TONS, and I mean tons of articles about Brett Favre, tons of articles about his records, his dedication to the game, and his personal battles (his wife is fighting cancer…). It occured to me that, Als fans in Montreal, have not fully appreciated Anthony Calvillo (I include myself in that category).

Calvillo, Like Favre, has broken so many passing records… Calvillo, like Favre, is the modern day QB of the franchise (Nobody in Montreal will ever forget Etcheverry). Calvillo, like Favre, was the QB who brought back the championship to his city: Calvillo and the Als won the 2002 Grey Cup, ending the Als 25 year Grey Cup drought. Favre won the Super Bowl in 1997…

The only major difference between their careers, is that Favre was applauded constantly, but AC has always been scrutinized. They both won championships, they both lost a championship game.

I just ask that people in Montréal start recognising what AC has done for this city, and that it happens quickly enough for the guy to know we love him. I am a major AC denigrator, but I admit, AC is a special QB, and an even more special person. Come on MOntreal, let him know we love the guy!

When I think of “on field” performance AC is more like Jim Kelly (Buffalo Bills). Off the field and as an employee or team mate yeah he is a special guy.

I'll tell you one thing about AC. When he was in Hamilton, I played in a TiCat golf tournament and at dinner, sat right across from him. What a pure classy guy, here I am a nobody and he asked me what I do for a living and how long I've been a TiCat fan etc, etc, etc. he seemed genuinely interested in me as a person and I will never forget that.

Pure class all the way AC, I was saddened when the TiCats let him loose.

I remember watching AC when he was in Hamilton playing against the Als. I thought this guy was a great passer and I was quite happy when the Als picked him up and surprised when the TiCats let him go. AC rates along with Sonny Wade and Sam Etcheverry as the superior QB in their time.

I bought a car a couple of years back at Ford on Marcel Laurin. And AC was there for a oil change. He was signing autographs and talking to people. He actually sat down and talked to me for 30 mins without saying he's in a hurry or something. It felt like i knew him for years!

Thanks guys for sharing your personal moments of AC. I have never met him, but I watch a lot of the news coverage in both languages in Montreal. If you listen carefully, at the end of every interview you will always hear AC say something like "Merci David" (when he is interviewd by the RDS reporter. The thing is, he always thanks the reporter by his first name, always. That means that he pays attention when the guy introduces himself, and that he remembers that he should thank him.

I remember the 2003 Grey Cup, the first one the Als lost after their Grey Cup win in 2002. The same RDS guy (David Arsenault) slowly walked up to AC who was sitting on the bench in the locker room; his shirt off, but his pads still on. AC was bent over, and he had his face tucked into his hands. It's as if he did not want to see anything, nor did he want anyone to see the pain in his face; the pain of loss.
Yet, when David Arsenault came up to him gently and said "AC", and asked him how it felt; AC let us know. He remained so gentle and never lost his cool, but you could see the hurt in his face, and the sorrow in his words. After the interview, he thanked the RDS guy David, and acknowledged him by name "David".

I will never forget that moment. AC is a true good guy. And, as much as it hurts an Als fan like me to lose, I know it hurts AC just as much, and probably a lot more.

Thumbs up AC!

Great post Lastchance! I myself have called for his head on the chopping block in the past but you are absolutely right! He is and always has been something special! battles are truly personal, pleeeeze could we focus on the game this year?

I remember meeting Anthony at Irishman of the Year 2002 breakfast. He had a flight to catch, so he had to leave early. So my father grabbed me real quick and we caught him outside in the Hallway.

It was just myself, my dad, Anthony and his beautiful wife. My dad asked him for a picture, of course, Anthony had no objections. My father, is “Technology Challenged” couldnt quite figure out how to use the camera… :lol: But Anthony did not rush us, even though he had a plane to catch.

I was always behind Calvillo, even after these 2 past seasons. My girlfriend bought me a $150 Calvillo jersey, stiched, and it hangs in my room!!

Calvillo for Prime Minister! :thup:

Hmmmmmmmmmm, an Irishman with Spanish blood...and DDG to boot!

He'd better have a beautiful wife on his arm... attached with serious chains, and seurity alarms all around!!! My prayers are that she is strong and healthy, with excellent eyes.

Sorry, but I refuse to accept that Lady C is ill...I think she is looking for some quality time with her knight... Go Girl!


How about we start with you. Can't remember a post of yours that was football related.

Usually crazy prose about Sir James and crazy bs or polluting a thread with moral high ground.

Second. AC and Favre have had similar carreers and where they are in their lives.

How about you stay on topic and stop telling other posters what to do, THEY are in fact on topic. I couldn't care less that Calvillo's Wife is looking to spend time with AC. Talk about Saying one thing and doing the exact opposite.

Here I will write it again for you.


…Deep thanks to Anthony for his guest appearance at the Never Alone Foundation luncheon in Winnipeg…This is a foundation dedicated to beating cancer…and Anthony is applauded for his attendance…the world needs more guys like him

…as a little amusing side note, when Calvillo was about to speak, someone in the crowd yelled
’ SIGN HIM’…CUDOS Anthony… :thup:

Great post, Papa! I'm glad that event went well.