AC - 2-yr contract - Woo Hoo!

According to RDI, AC seems to have recovered from his surgery, and has signed a two-year contract! Now, let's hear from little AC and we'll essentially have our O-team back - without BC, of course.

No doubt more records will be shattered (pehaps this year, perhaps next), assuming, of course, AC remains healthy throughout his contract.

Now that AC has re-signed, however, I hope to see Adrian get a few starts this season. Depending on the Als' W/L record, AD needs the work in meaningful games - ones in which the opposing D is gunning for him. We will only ever know his true potential under such circumstances. I believe the Als have the ideal situation here. We have a pivot who has led his team repeatedly to the big dance, racked up stats that may never be beaten, and has learned to win a few GCs. The Als' O has been the mainstay of their winning formula, producing exciting and consistent football. A future QB can only gain from this kind of winning tradition. Knowing that AC will be on the sidelines, AD can learn a tremendous amount, much like AC did when Tracy Ham was the starting pivot. Let's hope the Als play their cards right.

Awesome news!
The past couple of years have shown us that Calvillo is still at the top of his game.
Can't wait to see him out there gunnin' again.

On the other side of this, McPherson must be beside himself knowing Calvillo will probably be the starter for 2 more years.

And on top of that, Senior's probably beside himself about it too. . . :smiley:

But seriously. . .

2 year contract doesn't mean he'll be starting all two years. My guess (hope) is that they'll bring McPherson along, and he'll get more and more playing time as things progress, such that he's ready to take over as the full time starter, if not late next season then at some point in 2012. . . and we then protect him and not AC in the December 2012 Ottawa expansion draft.

Je crois que c'est ce qui se dessine, un peu comme la transition s'est opérée entre Wilkinson et Moon, ou entre Ham et Calvillo. Dans le fond, on donne la chance à AC de passer à l'histoire, et on le mettra en réserve pour la République lorsqu'il aura termniné la prochaine saison. Pour McPherson, d'avoir Calvillo à côté de lui pour débuter sa carrière, ce serait certainement un atout considérable.

Mais il y aura toujours un dilemme pour les entraîneurs. Normalement, ont fait jouer les gars qui ont le plus de chance de nous faire gagner. Avec Calvillo sur les lignes de côté, est-ce qu'on aura le meilleur gars derrière le centre? Par ailleurs, il faudra bien faire jouer McPherson un jour, et vaudrait mieux le mettre sur le terrain que risquer de le perdre et partir à zéro. J'aime beaucoup McPherson. C'est un gars calme, puissant, mobile, et si on lui donne du temps de jeu, je suis certain que son bras sera lui-aussi redouté.

Mais en attendant, on a AC!!!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

I couldn't be happier that Anthony's OK.
But it's good to see someone taking the McPherson situation seriously.
We shouldn't any of us forget that with proper care, AD's could transition from the AC dynasty
And the Alouettes could continue to dominate for the rest of this decade.

It may be because I suffered through those years
But I'd like nothing better than to see the AC/AD combo
Top the exploits of the Wilkinson/Moon dynasty
Making this team the greatest CFL dynasty of all time.

Think BIG!

:thup: :thup: :thup:

I think that sums up our hopes, too, Senior!

Excellent news. :thup:

Yay for the Big Mexican !

Jim often mentions the sacrifices AC's made to keep the team on top... Maybe when AC retires Jim will be a little less cryptic... The Calvillo's have been through a lot health wise... I wish him a healthy season so he can crash some records !

I asked a Bomber fan a little over a year ago if he would still call AC a choker if AC retired with 3 Grey Cups... Now He can lay down a record that will stand for a long long time. Damon Allen will still hold the record for rushing yards and total yards by a QB. A record I don't think will ever fall but AC should take the carreer passing record this season if he stays healthy all year.

I took this to mean that AC hasn’t pushed to make the absolute most he can, and that his willingness to accept a slightly lower salary has allowed us to field a better team around him. That said, I actually don’t know what Anthony makes. Around 350k? Anybody know?

I asked a Bomber fan a little over a year ago if he would still call AC a choker if AC retired with 3 Grey Cups...
I don't think anyone can make that choker argument anymore, not after how AC has performed in the clutch. Yes, he had an awful first half to the 2009 Grey Cup, but he rebounded to take control of the game in the second half, specifically in the last 8 minutes of the fourth quarter. I've rarely seen such a display of excellence under pressure at the QB position with everything on the line. I think about him finding Richardson on that third-down conversion with two minutes left, or the strike he threw to Watkins to put us in FG range with under 10 seconds left right after the review of the Bratton 'catch' had gone against us. Absolutely cool and composed. :thup:

In 2010, he didn’t panic when the team struggled in the second quarter. He just kept fighting. In the third and fourth quarters, he made all the right reads, didn’t turn the ball over, and methodically marched the team down the field to score the points we needed to win. Take away Duval’s shenanigans and the game probably wouldn’t have been as close as it was.

Agreed. MJ, but that assumes that there will be an expansion draft in 2012. With the on-again off-again shamozzle in Hamilton, i.e. they've agreed to build a new stadium, to re-build Ivor Wynn, not to re-build Ivor Wynn, moving to Burlington, moving to Ottawa...???, we might see the Ticats move to Ottawa. Huh? The Ottawa Ticats????

I sure hope that the city of Hamilton and the Ticats organization figure this one out soon. Then, and assuming that Ottawa city council and whatever-the-team-in-Ottawa-is-to-be-called sort out their own shamozzle, we may have a 9-team league again.

Good news bad news story.
It's great to have AC around for the next two years.
However it's bad new for the rest of the East including my Argos.

AC has done more to kill footbal in Southern Ontario than just about anyone. But like Wally Buono says the Als as an organization have forced the league to become better in so many ways. No one has uttered THREE-PEAT cause Coach doesn't like it :? But what the hell


For Argo-T, that may be a bad news story for the rest of the league, but as has been said, it forces the rest of the league to step up and be competitive.

I believe the CFL has a good product on the field. I would truly like to see the rest of the league, including your Argos, be competitive. It is depressing to see a 50,000+ seat stadium half empty for home games. Over the last few years, you have had some good teams and even won a few GCs. What's the deal? Where are the fans? Does the CFL get much press in TO? Same thing with the other big stadia in the CFL. With the exception of Montreal (25,000-seat McGill stadium) and Regina, very few franchises sell out on a regular basis.

The Argos have good personnel, but your weak spot has been at QB. As the Als have shown over the last decade (and all other great teams with winning records over the years) that everything starts with the pivot. The D-team can get you points via fumble recoveries, INTs, STs can do their part, i.e. run back missed FGs, punts for TDs, but the O-team must be able to put points on the board, and not just FGs. If the Argos sort that one out, we're in for a ride in the East!

My completely unsubstantiated opinion is that AC will play through 2011, breaking Damon Allen's record at the end of the year, and then come back in more of a split / mentoring capacity in 2012 as McPherson takes over, allowing us to protect McPherson in the expansion draft. If Ottawa were silly enough to draft Calvillo at that point, he'd probably just retire. I can't see Anthony in anything but an Als jersey, and I can't see him at age 40 starting over on an expansion team with a new set of coaches.

100% agreed on all counts. And on top of that, we protect McPherson, make AC available (along with Leak and Santos, assuming they're still with us by then), then Ottawa, if they were to take a QB from us, will look at Leak or Santos, because I'm sure they'd expect the same, that AC would retire rather than be a QB for an expansion team, so they'd be wasting a pick by selecting him.

Absolument. L'idée lui trottait déjà dans la tête à la fin de la saison 2007. L'arrivée de Trestman a sonné un réveil chez lui. Il n'ira nulle part ailleurs qu'à Montréal.

Par ailleurs, je verrais plutôt le scénario comme ceci. 2011 à Calvillo et 2012 à McPherson avec Calvillo en réserve. Si McPherson n'est pas partant en 2012, on le perd assurément.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.
I can't really see Calvillo being interested in splitting his playing time with someone else with time on his career winding down.
The other thing is Mcpherson may cut ties at the end of this season and sign elsewhere. Especially if Calvillo shows no sign of slowing down.
That would be a shame because I don't really consider Leak or Santos as capable starters.

I'm not so sure Sonny. Assuming AC has a good year in 2011, and knows he's going to retire after 2012, I think he's enough of a team player to take reduced playing time 2012 and mentor McPherson along. Heck, it wouldn't surprise me if, even with a 2 year contract, he hangs 'em up after 2011. . .if we win a 3rd Grey Cup in a row (I know, I know), he might decide to retire at that point as a winner and gracefully step aside.

I agree with you that Leak and Santos aren't capable starters YET. But I do think both have the potential to be capable starters in the CFL, given some time. If worst came to worst and we lost both Calvillo AND McPherson somehow, I have confidence that one or the other would step up. . . with our coaching staff (maybe with AC added to the staff as QB coach?) and our offensive machine, I think either of Leak or Santos could well develop into a quality starter.

Isn't it nice to talk about Calvillo, McPherson, Leak, and Santos, as opposed to guys like Ted While and Nealon Greene?

HAHA! The name Ted White gives me acid reflux.
Yes I agree too that our options for the future at QB are better than most teams can boast.