AC #13 Jersey Retired

1/2 ceremony for AC today , man I miss watching "the Machine"
Throw a class act and a Legend ..... :thup:

Anthony Calvillo is a Class Act and a great spokesman for the Montreal Al's and the CFL, he always remembers his roots and opportunity he received in Hamilton coming in from the US expansion Las Vegas Posse.

I always thought AC had a gun of an arm and after he left the Cats in 1998 when Danny Mac and Cody Ledbetter arrived with Ron Lancaster as Head Coach, AC proved it when he joined Tracy Ham in Montreal and played his best football years for Montreal.

A great player, best all-time QB records and good all around guy and I'm glad to hear that AC plans on returning next season in a coaching capacity with the Al's team, that will be great.

AC, thanks for sharing your football talent with the CFL.


Calvillo is deservedly recognized as the best passing quarterback ever. Bravo!!! :thup: