Absurd Expansion

San Juan
Moose Factory
Grand Central Station, NYC
Niagara Falls (the part belonging to both US and Canada)
The Maritimes
Santa’s House

The Maritimes ?

…Turks and Caicos…our next province…

why don’t we open a training camp in Puerto Rico for the CFL…they might adopt the game and forget about baseball lol.lol. :lol:

how, heres an absurd idea, lets get off this topic.

Who posted this does he work at the Ottawa Sun!

:lol: Boy with the vote of confidence in WRITE and an extention being offered to him .........some people have EGG on their faces about now. :lol:

its just that theres so many topics on expansion and US expansion and absurd expansion and new team city…and so on and so forth.

why would you even go start a topic related to what the stupidest places to put a team… i mean its like talkin about an all american hockey team winnin the stanley cup… it isnt gonna happen

A new team in NEWFOUNDLAND , would be named , the GANDER GUPPIES.


i like hwo the convo just goes on…shows who doesnt read above, or the people who just try to keep things on track.

“Last word”

now 32001 you can’t have the last word on this thread. There should be a limit to how many posts you can have in a day.

I know exactly what you mean. I get completely ignored everytime I scream my distress to see new posts emerge about a possible expansion to Halifax or to Quebec City.

It feels just like being on Tiananmen Square, except its written “Schooners” all over the tank.

theres no limit…and theres nothing wrong with how much i post, and ur all heard…

I thought that what this web site was for. :wink: