A French ref puts the Alouttes into the playoffs. That was a BS call, absolute crap, there needs to be an inquiry as to the call by a Montreal based ref.

This was simply garbage.

I am as surprised as anyone that they would make that call at that point in the game, but I hardly think Proulx making that call has much to do with him being French.

...the call was crap no doubt...but STFU about the french stuff...that is just plain stoopid...

  1. It was a hold.
  2. It was a stupid call because it happens all the time on field goals and never gets called. Shouldn't have been called there either

clearly the holding call was terrible. but it wasnt the only bad call of the game... there were brutal calls/noncalls throughout the game

If the edmonoton DB had been called for screening on childs, textbook screening btw, it never would have come down to that fg attempt

but yea... anyone who thinks that holding call was a good call should give their head a shake

It has nothing to do with him being French... Quit talking so ridiculously stupid. :roll:

And once again we all know who the ref was. I hope this is the last we ever see of him in the CFL. Yes it may have been a penalty, but it wasn't called all year and then with the season on the line out comes a flag. And then another as a make up call. :thdn:

I don't know if it was a hold. Maybe now Edmonton can use the power they have in the CFL to make some changes as far as reffing goes to make this a better league. BS call that had no impact on the Riders and a lot ridding on it for the eskies especially with Calvillo out.

Worst call of the year. Absolute crap. Horrible. Atrocious. I don't even like the Esks but to do that to Flemming in his last home game of his career was the lowest of low, bad call I have I ever seen in all my football viewing. I just hope this isn't a harbinger of things to come with the league trying to make a feel good story of the Riders winning it all by phantom calls. There is no other way to explain a holding call on a field goal when there hasn't been one in years?

By the way Riders fans. I thought Edmonton was easy pickens just like Hamilton?

...so you're saying edmonton DESERVED the win????....haha, thats a load of crap...

Everyone who was mad at me yesterday for criticizing Proulx owes me an apology. A PM will be fine....

Not as easy as they thought...

ummm 12 starters out including our QB.... maybe that had something to do with it? :smiley:

It was not holding. That ref is always bad. Not becuase he is French but due to that fact he is an idiot.

Nice make up call on the Sask convert.

:roll: :roll: :roll:

Swervin take the bull out of your back pocket. Riders played without 12 starters. Your begining to sound like RLR now. This is suppose to be a chat forum, not one where you just into to antaginize football fans.

Im not sure anybody is doubting the fact that it was holding, because it was.

But I think it is because they havent called it all year that has completely caught us all off guard...

EDIT - I'm an idiot

Can you ever not be biased? Please just once? just this once?

The Edmonton guy stuck his arms out in the iron cross and the Rider player leaped to block the field goal attempt. That was not a hold and just ruined a feel good highlight moment in the CFL for a great long time kicker.

you arent going to last long jackass