Abraham Morlu...speedy receiver signed

....apparently this guy can fly.....i only hope he can catch and take a hit ....he'll definitely be someone to watch at t.c.... :roll:

My thoughts exactly. If he can run and CATCH, then you'll have a "Diamond in the Ruff". :wink:

He should also be able to take a hit too! :wink:

i fully agree with these statemets lol

Anybody know what his status is? He was born in Liberia and he played high school football in the US but only did track in college. Does this make him a non import?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

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I believe playing high school football in North Carolina
disqualifies him from being considered as a non-import.

He was a top-rated high school football prospects there.

Note: Morlu played semi-pro for the Charlotte Stars
after university graduation before signing with Winnipeg.

He is not ONLY a world class sprinter.

I have seen this guy in NC play
The guy has very soft hands, he can catch!
If you look at his pics, he will have no trouble taking a hit, and getting off the line. The dude is built, no fat. Watch out skinny DB's if you can catch him.
Several NFL teams had interest, but all wanted to see what he can do on the field at a faster level. He only problem is he needs work on route running, getting crisp and sharp cuts, and needs a QB that can get him the ball.
He has a tendancy to out-run alot of throws.
This guys is for real!

I will purchase a Bomber jersey(from the Bomber store online) and wear it to Roughrider home games if this guy is on the 46 man roster for the Labor day game. Don't forget, I said it here first. Me in a Bomber jersey on labor day if this guy sticks.


It'll be interesting to see what he can do but I'm not expecting him to beat out any of our top 4 receivers this year. He certainly is fast but calling him a world class sprinter is a bit of a stretch.

Dont forget to post pics....I wanna see pics! :wink: :wink:

Anyone care to make a counter wager with similar or different terms on Vincent Marshall, our(Riders) long shot?