Abraham Kromagh

What is the status on Kromaugh? and when he comes back who does he replace or rotate with ?

he wont be back unless they decide Butler won't be playing.

I should add...as soon as Williams was signed, Kromah was instantly a non-starter.

Funny that he is "ijured"

[url=http://www.leaderpost.com/sports/football/roughriders-football/Abraham+Kromah+challenges/8757308/story.html]http://www.leaderpost.com/sports/footba ... story.html[/url]

Yet it is not discussed in this article. I love that the Riders have money to pay peopleto sit, but the league needs to do something about the whole 9 game issue.

As a Rider fan I love that Taman is smart enough to find the loophole. As said though, they do need to fix it so the 9 game isn’t Practice Roster 2. But it’s like MLB. Everybody whines that the Yankees buy players when there’s no cap. What do you expect them to do?? Not take advantage of it??? LMAO

I still believe Kromah should be playing.. They should move Weldon Brown back into the secondary, send Miller back to the PR even though I don't think he is that good. Then play Kromah at OLB. We could have used him in stopping Jon Cornish this week.

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Totally agree

Miller has amazing speed, and may progress intosomething great, but right here and now I agree.

That makes two!!

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Three !!!! :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: