About you........the owners!

Three years ago we started a very popular thread on "ticats.ca" whereby we all introduced ourselves and shared some info (not too private of course)

Maybe it's time we do it again given all the new members who have joined.....

I'll start if you don't mind...

Real name: Mike

Location: Hamilton (Mount Hope)

Ticats fan since: 1970 (approx)

Disposition: Easy going....I think :wink:

Fave Movie: Braveheart

[b]Fave TV series /b: MAS*H, All in the Family

[b]Fave TV series /b: Law and Order

Career: Business Owner (telephone and data networking)

[b]Fave Player/b: Garney Henley, Paul Osbaldiston

[b]Fave Player /b: Jamie Boreham, Kevin Eakin

Fave Food: Pasta, curried chicken, tuna salad

Fave Music: late 60's to late 70's classic rock

Fave Band/Artist: Led Zepplin, Saga, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, Black Sabbath, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Deep Purple, The Guess Who.......and many more

Hobbies: Fishing, Gardening, computers, hanging with my kids

Fave place: Parry Sound

Scared of: Rattlesnakes, black water

Fave Season: Hot and Humid!....lol

Pet Peeve: Still has to be people who pay with their bank card for a bag of milk and hold up the line!! :wink:

Ultimate Thrill: To fly in an F-18 Fighter Jet

Coolest person met : John Candy

Fave Ice Cream: Chocolate Mint

Thunderstorms: like them!

Your turn! :cowboy: (add or subtract categories as you wish)

Iโ€™m game

Real name: D.A.

Location: Oakville, soon to be kickin it in Alberta

Fave Movie: Hunt for Red October

Fave TV series (current): CSI (the original 1)

Career: Carpener for a special events company

Dream Job: Head of Scenic Shop for either Alberta Ballet or Sidney Opera House

Fave Player(past): Angelo Mosca, Paul Osbaldiston

Fave Player (current): Cotton & Cheatwood

Fave Food: Pasta, pizza, & meat

Fave Music: Rokc of the 70โ€™s/80โ€™s, a little ska, and a little classical when things start to get frustrating

Fave Season: Any season that does not include humidity.

Ultimate Thrill: White water rafting then floating (on purpose) through Class 3 rapids on the Kicking Horse

Dream Vacation: Take a couple weeks to Drive across the country, while catching a game at every stadium

Fave Ice Cream: Chocolate Peanutbutter

Thunderstorms: Free light show, whatโ€™s nto to love

Real name: Cara

Location: Hamilton (about 1.8 miles from IWS)

Ticats fan since: birth

Disposition: Friendly but just a little odd

Fave Movie: The Crow

Fave TV series (past): Joan Of Arcadia, Boomtown, Hermans Head, MAS*H, West Wing

Fave TV series (current): Crossing Jordan, The Amazing Race, Medium

Career: Domestic Goddess

Fave Player(past): Earl Winfield, Joe Montford

Fave Player (current): Julian Radlein

Fave Food: chocolate, tomato, cheese

Fave Music: rock, pop, country

Fave Band/Artist: Sarah McLachlan, Duran Duran, Matchbox 20, Dixie Chicks, Depeche Mode

Hobbies: reading, cross-stitch, sewing, swimming, pilates, dancing, games (board, computer or console)

Fave place: Banff, AB and New Orleans, LA

Scared of: Centipedes

Fave Season: Fall

Pet Peeve: People who are rude

Ultimate Thrill: I don't know...

Coolest person met: Anne Rice (even if she has gone off the deep end a little lately)

Fave Ice Cream: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Thunderstorms: like 'em

Real name: Russ Harrison

Location: Montreal (the Verdun section of town)

Fave Movie: Citizen Kane

Fave TV series (current): Not a big series fan now, to be honest -- loved Frasier, Seinfeld, and Everybody Loves Raymond in recent years.

Career: English as a Second Language teacher

Dream Job: Author (working on my first novel -- also would like to wirite a football book or two down the road)

Fave Players(past): Garney Henley & Ben Zambiasi (Earl Winfield honourable mention)

Fave Player (current): Corey Holmes & Rob Hitchcock

Fave Food: Pasta & seafood

Fave Music: Very eclectic tastes, but classic rock is king (Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, the Stones)

Fave Seasons: Summer & Fall

Ultimate Football Thrill: Being in person at Ivor Wynne Stadium for the 1980 and 1985 Eastern Final wins and watching the Grey Cup victory of 1986 with my late father.

Dream Vacation: A month long trip to Scotland to check out my roots.

Fave Ice Cream: Nestle Drumstick...mmmmmmmmmmmm

Thunderstorms: Survived a tornado when I was 7 in Northern Georgia, so I am not a big fan of anything associated with twisters. LOL

Hobbies: reading, hiking, watching classic movies, getting my Madden fix whenever necessary (especially March to early May LOL)

Coolest person met: In football: interviewing Danny McManus; Outside of football: Gord Downie (Tragically Hip)

Fave place: Cape Cod

Scared of: Tornadoes, prevent defences, Patrice Brisebois defending in the Habs' zone (now fixed LOL) :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Real name: John

Location: Hamilton (West Mountain)

Ticats fan since: 1979

Disposition: Easy going

Fave Movie: Batman Begins

Fave TV series (past): MAS*H

Fave TV series (current): House, NCIS

Career: Researcher at Canadian Football Hall
of Fame

Fave Player(past): Grover Covington, Joe Montford

Fave Player (current): Tim Cheatwood, Corey Holmes

Fave Food: Seafood (anything from the sea), Pasta, Salad

Fave Music: Classic rock from the '70s and '80s and some of today's music

Fave Band/Artist: Bruce Springsteen, Huey Lewis and the News, Usher

Hobbies: reading, computers, hanging with my friends and family, collecting Ti-Cat memorabilia

Fave place: Sauble Beach

Scared of: Spiders

Fave Season: Summer

Pet Peeve: people who are inconsiderate of others

Ultimate Thrill: To watch the Cats win a Grey Cup in person

Coolest person met: Grover Covington

Fave Ice Cream: Chocolate

Thunderstorms: Don't mind them but, could do without the racket when I am trying to sleep

Name: Hercules Dinosaur
Location: stoney creek
fan since: 1987
disposition: chillin'
fav move: Jurassic Park
Fav show (past): Transformers
Present fav: CSI: Las vegas
career: Student, would like to be a teacher
Fav Player (past): Darren Flutie
Fav Player (pres): Auggie!
Fav food: Perogies
Fav Music: the Rock and roll
Fav bands: Neverending White lights
Hobbies: Playin football, fixing my bike, archery
Fav Place: Ivor Wyne (no joke)
Scared of: the Dark
Pet peeve: people who cause trouble
Ultimate Thrill: dinosaurs in all shapes and forms (i love em)
Coolest person meet: Sat next to the lead singer from cold play once coming back from Washington, and meet Brett Favre once.
Fav ice cream: Black Cherry
Thunderstorms: scare my dog, gives me a laugh

Real name: Alex
Location: Hamilton Mountain

Ticats fan since: the beginning of time (for me)

Disposition: Outgoing

Fave Movie: Super Troopers

Fave TV series (past): Saved By The Bell
Fave TV series (current): CSI

Career: Student
Fave Player(past): Paul Osbaldiston
Fave Player (current): Rob Hitchcock, Adriano Belli
Fave Food: Pizza, Pasta, Grilled Cheese :slight_smile:
Fave Music: anything but country
Fave Band/Artist: OLP, Coldplay, Nickelback, Neverending White Lights, Evans Blue, Alexisonfire, Atreyu, Stabilo, Goo Goo Dolls
Hobbies: Fishing, Swimming (waterpolo), hanging out with friends, eating,
Fave place: Prince Edward Island

Scared of: confining spaces

Fave Season: Football Season!

Pet Peeve: people who walk too slow

Ultimate Thrill: Bungee Jumping
Coolest person met: Hulk Hogan

Fave Ice Cream: Heavenly hash

Thunderstorms: wake me up! but cool to watch!

Real name: Steve

Location: Hsin Chu, Taiwan (Orginally from Hamilton for 35 years)

Ticats fan since: birth

Disposition: Usually pretty good

Fave Movie: Star Wars, Ocean's 11

Fave TV series (past): Fawlty Towers, The Flintstones

Fave TV series (current): Most shows on Discovery Channel, National Geographic & The Travel Channel I don't get much over here in English.

Career: high school ESL teacher

Fave Player(past): Mosca, Jim Muller

Fave Player (current): Tim Cheatwood

Fave Food: My BBQ

Fave Music: rock

Fave Band/Artist: The Who, Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton

Hobbies: Working out, my computer

Fave place: Phuket, Thailand

Scared of: Bitter past girlfriends

Fave Season: Fall

Pet Peeve: Hair on the soap

Ultimate Thrill: Bungee Jumping

Coolest person met: I was told to "shut up" by John Entwistle

Fave Ice Cream: Starbucks Coffee Chocolate Swirl

Thunderstorms: Typhoons can be a little bit scary

Real Name: Pete
Location: Stoney Creek. Just moved fromw west Hamilton a week ago.
Ti-cat fan since: as soon as I could say the words ti-cats I was a fan. Well over 30 years now.
Disposition: Not sure, you'll have to ask my wife on that one.
Favorite movie: A few good men.
Favorite T.V. series past: MASH & WKRP.
Favorite T.V. series current: Smallville (didn't like the way the last season ended though....completely different topic alltogeter)
Career: Inside Sales for Canada's largest IT distributor.
Favorite Player Past: Ben Zambiasi.
Favorite Player current: Julian Radlein.
Favorite food: don't really have one.
Favorite Music: 80's all the way.
Favorite Bands: way too many to single just one out.
Hobbies: Golf, watching sports-any sports on my HD TV.
Scared of: Are you kidding me, i'm a man I'm not scared of anything....I hope my wife doesn't read and edit this
Fave Season: Fall
Pet Peeve: Red Lights, bumper to bumper traffic and people with poor manners
Ultimate Thrill: To be present as the Los Angeles Kings win their first Stanely Cup...OK so it will never happen. I can dream can't I.
Coolest person met: Kurt Russel. (He's shorter than I though)
Fave Ice Cream: Cherry Cheesecake
Thunderstorms: ? indifferent I guess.

I'm adding a category.

Football person you have the least respect for: Don Matthews. If you ask me the man has no class, win or loose I cannot respect a man with no class or sportsmanship. That game against Winnipeg was just another glaring example of the mans lack of character. Dave Ritchie would be a close second.

Real name: Brian

Location: Smithville

Ticats fan since: December 17, 1971

Fave Movie: The longest yard

Fave TV series (past): seinfeld

Fave TV series (current): friday night football on TSN !

Career: Contractor & Firefighter

Fave Player(past): Danny Mac

Fave Player (current): Adrianno Belli

Hobbies: coaching football

Fave place: in front of my big screen watching football or in the pool

Scared of: DOGS !!!!!!

Fave Season: autumn

Pet Peeve: people who wait until the end of the onramp merge lane to get into traffic ... ROAD RAGE BABY !

Ultimate Thrill: to watch my kids play professional football ... hopefully !

Coolest person met : In college, i was fullback to Marshall Faulk and my room mate was Mark McGuire's brother

Fave Ice Cream: Chocolate

Thunderstorms: freak me out


LOCATION...Elliot Lake
TICAT FAN SINCE...1948. Held season tickets 1948-1962..Tigers, Wildcats,and Ticats.
OCCUPATION-PAST....Industrial Manager
FAVE PLAYER,PAST..Ralph Sazio,Hal Patterson,Joe Zuger.
FAVE MOVIES..Seven Samurai(Akira Kurosawa),LOTR.
FAVE TV SERIES...Mash, Frasier
FAVE BAND...Glenn Miller
FAVE SINGER...Anne Murray
FAVE MUSICAL GROUPS...Mormon Tabernacle Choir,Red Army Chorus'
There's a pattern here,folks.
HOBBIES...Gardening, Logic Puzzles.
FAVE ICE CREAM...Butterscotch Ripple
THUNDERSTORMS....Love them, can't beat those sound effects!
PET PEEVE..Drivers who refuse to use their turn signals.
ULTIMATE THRILL...Sticking around for a few more years.

Real name: Peter

Location: Hamilton (West Mountain)

Ticats fan since: The day i started breathing(80's)

Disposition: Hmmm...tough one...I'm pretty well rounded in this catagory

Fave Movie: Star Wars

Fave TV series (past): Seinfeld

Fave TV series (current): CSI

Career: College Student

Fave Player(past): Paul Osbaldiston

Fave Player (current): Rob Hitchcock

Fave Food: Chili

Fave Music: Metal / Nu-Metal

Fave Band/Artist: Disturbed

Hobbies: programming, computers, mountain biking, camping

Fave place: Deep in the woods

Scared of: those voices in my head...they just won't leave me alone!

Fave Season: Summer

Pet Peeve: Has to be people who don't know anything about a topic(eg computers) and try to sound like they do!

Ultimate Thrill: Yet to discover

Coolest person met : why...myself of course! 8) :wink:

Fave Ice Cream: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Thunderstorms: Bring em on!!!!

Real name: Tom Riddell

Location: Lake Shore Rd Burlington

Ticats fan since: 1982 (approx)

Disposition: Passionate Hothead

Fave Movie: Any Give Sunday

Fave TV series (past) A-Team

Fave TV series (current)Boston Legal

Denny Carine

Career: Business Owner (Computer Upgrades and Tooter)

Fave Player(past):Danny Mac Earl Winfield Grover Covington
Fave Player (current): Pascal Cheron, Kevin Eakin Corey Holmes

Fave Food: Hamburgers, curried chicken Pizza

Fave Music: late 70's to late 90's classic rock R & B and Hiphop

Fave Band/Artist:Too many to say
Hobbies: , computers, hanging out my dog
Going Ticats Workouts..

Fave place: Home

Pet Peeve: Ticats Losing

Ultimate Thrill: Living and Working in NYC.

Coolest person met : Bill Cillton

Fave Ice Cream: Mocha-Chocolate Chip

Real name: Martin

Location: Peterborough, Ontario. Went to High School in Hamilton.

Tiger fan since: 1961

Career: recently retired CBC Radio reporter

Disposition: long suffering when it comes to the Tiger Cats

Favourite Tiger Cat players: Ben Zambiasi, Bob Krause (14 years as Tiger Cat. I was in Grade 12 with him), Garney Henley, Rocky Di Pietro, Darren Flutie.

Favourite current Tiger Cat players: Corey Holmes, Rob Hitchcock

Favourite non Tiger Cat player: Ron Lancaster

Favourite owner: Bob Young for rescuing the Tiger Cats from oblivion

Favourite music: bluegrass

Favourite ice cream: Kawartha Dairy Vanilla

Favourite TV: when the Tiger Cats play. Thanks to TV I have been able to see the team play since I left Hamilton 44 years ago and lived in places such as the Arctic and Northern Ontario.

Pet peeves: Drivers who don't signal and people who are so lazy they leave their shopping carts in their parking space.

Thunderstorms: Love 'em because it means its not snowing.

Real name: Bob

Location: 30k feet above somewhere

Ticats fan since: 1954

Disposition: Easy going....unless we lose.

Fave Movie: Any romantic comedy (what can I say, I've spent the last 21 years in a household of women :wink:)

Fave TV series (past): Get Smart.

Fave TV series (current): Ticat Games.

Career: Caretaker.

Fave Player(past): Garney Henley

Fave Player (current): Mark Myers

Fave Food: Pop corn.

Fave Music: Beatles

Fave Band/Artist: Beatles

Hobbies: hobbies? who needs hobbies?

Fave place: Ivor Wynne.

Scared of: Bankruptcy.

Fave Season: the fall. pumpkins, fall colours, halloween, etc...

Pet Peeve: People sneaking water into the stadium. :wink:

Ultimate Thrill: Ticats winning the Grey Cup.

Coolest person met : Anyone at Ivor Wynne.

Fave Ice Cream: Chocolate

Thunderstorms: Pretty lame, try Hurricanes!

Real name: Tracey

Location: Hamilton

Ticats fan since: 2006..still really love Calgary though

Disposition: Wierd but in a fun way

Fave Movie: The Ringer..no it isn't porn!

Fave TV series (past): I dream of Jeanie, Boy Meets World Gilligan's Island, Newsradio

Fave TV series (current): Gilmore Girls, Big Brother, Amazing Race, Treasure Hunters, 2 and a Half Men, Seven Days

Career: Bookeeper

Fave Player(past): Doug Flutie

Fave Player (current): Marcus Crandell

Fave Food: chocolate, tomato, cheese

Fave Music: Christan rock/punk

Fave Band/Artist: Toby Mac, Underoath, Skillet, TFK

Hobbies: x-box, watching football, sleeping, being on computer, travelling

Fave place: New York

Scared of: Bees/ Wasps/ Hornets...

Fave Season: Winter...no bees :slight_smile:

Pet Peeve: Cussing...its unnessecary

Ultimate Thrill: going upside down on a rollercoaster

Coolest person met: Joel

Fave Ice Cream: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Thunderstorms: Love them

Bob Wrote:

"Location: 30k feet above somewhere"

Even though I'm somewhat in the computer business, I still can't figure out how someone can post in a website from a plane going 550 miles per hour and 7 miles up?

shouldn't your words look like......hhhhhhhhiiiiiiii tttthhhheeerreeee,,,,BBBBooooobbbbb hhheeerrrrreee......?

:roll: :? :lol:

Real name: Josh

Location: still looking

Ticats fan since: I was born

Fave Movie: Throne of Blood, Big Lebowski, Big Red One

Fave TV series (past): Cheers, Seinfeld, MAS*H, Monty Python's Flying Circus

Fave TV series (current): Family Guy

Career: Filmmaker

Fave Player(past): Dunnigan

Fave Player (current): Corey Holmes

Fave Food: Kun Pow chicken

Fave Band/Artist: Paul Simon (older stuff before 97), Deftones, Metalica

Hobbies: writting

Fave place: Hollywood boulevard

Scared of: Martha Stewart

Fave Season: all of them

Pet Peeve: horoscopes

Ultimate Thrill: skydiving

Coolest person met: Matt Dillon

Thunderstorms: pointless

Real name: Wouldn't t'all like to know...

Location: Brown-town (brantford)

Ticats fan since: born on the mountain in '84...

Disposition: about the same as on here actually... (scary no?)

Fave Movie: Men With Brooms

Fave TV series (past):

Fave TV series (current): House (with the CSIs as a close second)

Career: Student

Fave Player(past): Philbrick and Grigg

Fave Player (current): Hitchcock and Belli

Fave Food: Can i pick the Cardiac Platter as just one food? (wings, chicken fingers, fries, nachos and onion rings... all piled about a foot high on a platter.)

Fave Music: Country, Classic Rock, early 90's rock some alternative (although what they're calling alternative now is starting to scare me) varied other stuff as well.

Fave Band/Artist: Do i really have to choose.

Hobbies: Golfing, Baseball, football, soccer, hockey, watching sports, stayin up late, git'n 'r dun, etc etc

Addictions: Caffiene, and those freaking sudoku puzzles... rrrrrggg...

Fave place: Where ever a certain special someone happens to be.

Scared of: stupid people

Fave Season: mating? hahaha

Pet Peeve: Homers, ignorance, people who forgot their signs at home (Here's yer sign...)

Ultimate Thrill: The World Cup a few weeks back was right up there. But i wont make a final answer i dont think

Coolest person met : My mirror

Fave Ice Cream: Chocolate chip cookie dough, OR cookies and cream, OR Superkid.... okay... Superkid... damn you laura secord, why'd ya have to go and give such a delicious ice cream such a kiddy name....

Thunderstorms: depends where i am i suppose...

Real name: Rich

Location: Hamilton

Ticats fan since: Sep 1971

Disposition: Wierd, Perverted.

Fave Movie: I'm not a big fan of movies, actually...

Fave Book: It, Stephen King

Fave TV series (past): Star Trek, Original

Fave TV series (current): House

Career: Labourer

Fave Player(past): Ozzie!

Fave Player (current): Cotton

Fave Food: French Onion Soup

Fave Music: Anything I write :slight_smile:

Fave Band/Artist: Pink Floyd, Duran Duran, W. A. Mozart.

Hobbies: Writing music, watching the 'Cats, and fixing my bike

Fave place: Nova Scotia

Scared of: Interest Rates

Fave Season: (Elmer Fudd voice) Argo Season :slight_smile:

Pet Peeve: People who wait two minutes after the light changes, then floor the loud pedal, making me look silly on my bike

Ultimate Thrill: Having someone like something I do.

Coolest person met: Osbaldiston

Fave Ice Cream: Homemade French Vanilla, the kind thats almost a custard.

Thunderstorms: I love them... I hate cleaning up after my dog when she poops during the thunder.