About Time - Chapdelaine & Leo's Separate

Couldn't be happier as a Lions fan today. This should have been done years ago!

CFL.ca Staff

VANCOUVER -- The BC Lions announced this morning that it has arrived at a mutual decision with offensive coordinator Jacques Chapdelaine to part ways.

“Jacques has been a big part of our past success,? said head coach Mike Benevides.

“He presided over two championship offences and two Most Outstanding Players during his time with the club and I am grateful for his hard work and dedication during our time together. At this time however, we agree that it is in the best interest of both parties to proceed in a new direction.?

Originally joining the Lions in 2003 as the team’s receivers coach, Chapdelaine was promoted to offensive coordinator in 2005. Following the club’s 2006 championship, he departed the Lions to become the offensive coordinator of the Edmonton Eskimos.

He returned to the Lions the following year as receivers coach and was again promoted to offensive coordinator in 2010 where he would remain until this past season.

“After taking some time to reflect on this past season, I’ve concluded that both I and the BC Lions need a change moving forward,? said Chapdelaine.

“It has been a great privilege to work with Lions players, coaches and many other members of this outstanding organization.?


My guess this was Wally's call. Something was not right between players and Chapdelaine. Kind of like Wally is the father of the bride saying IT IS OVER, with benevides as Wally's little brother nodding his head but not making the call.
Which team will add Chapdelaine to their coaching ranks..... Ottawa????? :cowboy:

I'm thinking Ottawa should maybe look at him. Not as a co-ordinator but as a positional coach for sure. I'm also assuming that he is from the area, so would be a great fit IMO. He could offer a wealth of knowledge to the staff that gets assembled there, having been around for so long.

Chaps will probably end up at SFU, which has been rumoured for a long time.

I see this as a great move by the Lions, I have never been a fan of Chapdelaine's offense, every year the same problems come up until Buono tells Chap to fix it or else then things get better. IMO Chap's "success" was more a product of the players Buono finds then Jacques' play calling or schemes.


If the Lions keep LogaN AND HARRIS and get back Lulay and all of their receivers- that is a tough offence to contain. Remember the run opens up the pass and with two running backs and receivers out of the backfield - wow, as a former defensive back would be tough to cover. And, Lulay can run. Think of the damage Durant did when he finally began to run in the playoffs. Defences are damned if you do or damned if you don’t trying to contain running qb’s. As a Rider fan I worry more about the LION’S OFFENCE COMPARED TO THE STAMPEDERS OFFENCE. :cowboy: :rockin:

Long over due! Even when BC won their Grey Cups with Chapdelaine as OC, I didn't think much of him then.

I hope Wally hires some one who is not so predictable.

Chapdelaine was always more concerned with planning out his elaborate hand signals than he was with actually planning the offence. Hard to take a coach seriously when players see him standing in front of a mirror gesturing wildly and practicing his ridiculous hand signals for the next game.

Why on earth would he go from being an OC to a position coach when he could very likely remain an OC or even get promoted to HC if he went back to the CIS? And I'm sure he'd draw interest from CFL teams currently without an OC (like Montreal, for example).

Would there be any chance that he returns to the CIS in the Quebec conference to possibily Sherbrooke.
Danny Maciocia has gotten the Caribans that close to being on level with Laval in just 3 seasons. Montreal may have been the second best CIS team in the country the last two seasons but the playoff set up is much flawed.
Sherbies program is built to be a contender with Laval and has slipped of late.
He was also borne in Sherbrooke. Could have some connections left from his Laval days for recruiting

....but the playoff set up is much flawed.
Agree. Maybe scrap the protracted playoffs in the conferences - other than Ontario with its eleven teams - and take the first place finishers and the next most highly ranked four teams as wildcards to the national semis. Ontario could have the top finishers in each division play off. Something like this might be effective in culling the weak sisters. (Apparently the CHL is considering adding wildcard teams to the Memorial Cup.) But even adopting something like this only one step; more schools have to start taking their athletic programs seriously, whether or not they adopt the "Laval model".

D.C. Stubler also let go. Lions now looking for 2 coordinators for their Grey cup hosting year. Interesting.

I suspect Mark Washington is the guy who will take over the defense. Offense I’m thinking Cortez.

I'm quite surprised Stubler was let go. Heres' why:

[url=http://cfl.ca/article/stubler-leaves-esks-joins-lions-in-b-c]http://cfl.ca/article/stubler-leaves-es ... ons-in-b-c[/url]

so much for Winnipeg - Stubler is now a Stampeder;


The Calgary Stampeders announced the hiring of Rich Stubler as their new defensive coordinator on Thursday morning.

Stubler had spent the last two seasons in the same capacity with the BC Lions.

"I'm pleased to be able to add a coach with such a wealth of experience," said Stampeders coach and general manager John Hufnagel in a release. "Rich has a great track record of success as a coach in this league and I know he'll be a tremendous asset to our staff."

Stubler made his CFL coaching debut in 1983 as the defensive coordinator for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. He's also spent time in the same role with Edmonton Eskimos and Toronto Argonauts. In 2008, Stubler served as head coach of the Argos.

"I'm appreciative that the Stampeders and Coach Hufnagel have a little faith in me,? said Stubler in the same release. “I'm really excited to come and work for the Red and White.?

Stubler had met with new Winnipeg Blue Bombers coach Mike O'Shea last week about coming aboard in the same capacity with the Bombers.

As a CFL coach, Stubler has won four Grey Cups

BC lost two consecutive playoff games, both of which can be pinned dirctly on the defense. They looked thoroughly confused by Kevin Glenn who ripped them apart in 2012 at BC Place and, let’s face it, should have won the West Semi in Regina but for some bone-headed defensive formations in the 4th quarter and the shameful decision not to spy Durant who ran his way to victory.

That’s why Stubler is no longer with BC (talking the club into signing FA Julius Williams who was damaged goods didn’t help).

That is the reason. It is not that he is not a good DC and he did not do a very good job overall but BC was expecting Grey Cup Appearance in 2012 and in 2013 and when your that good and that close the strings get pulled a little tighter and playoff wins become how you are measured. O-2 in 2012, especially, and 2013 and away you go.
Good news for Calgary though

Yes Steve, it was a combination of 2 underwhelming playoff performances for the defence (although not having Elimimian against the Riders in the Semi really hurt them IMO), but let's not discount the fact that the Leos couldn't keep DBs coach Mark Washington under wraps any longer either. He was ready for a promotion. If some reports I've heard are true, he was being considered for a D-co-ordinator position elsewhere. Buono and Benevides had to promote Washington or risk losing him.

He actually interviewed for the head coaching position in Montreal last year!