about the scheduling

who do we hold responsible?

do they use a dart board?

What is so lousy? This is the most balanced schedule in years....and to top it off it was released months sooner.

there should be NO back to backs except for labour day weekend traditions.

otherwise, last half of the season should closely mirror the first half.

if playing any team 3 times, then 1 game in first 4, next game in middle 4, last game in last 4

This is still the best schedule in years. The back to backs were started a few years back because of apparent popularity. I am not a huge fan of them...but they actually researched it. It was also necessary to up it to 2 of them per season if they wanted to keep the very popular LDC home and aways. It is hard to win 2 in a row like that, thus unfair to have it unbalanced...I believe each team has 2 of them because of that. seems to be pretty wise...not lousy.

Expectations that teams only play each other in those game spans seems kinda nitpicky and unrealistic.

Guess ya need something to gripe about though. Shrugs.

when a 2 teams play each other 3 times in 7 games, it is something to complain about. Specially when it is in the first or last 7. When 2 teams that may end up competing for the same playoff spot play back to back, it can be very unfair if key players of one team are missing. I have long been frustrated by CFL scheduling. If this year is not as bad, that don't mean enough. Still needs to be better

Yes...let's revert to having the same issues previous seasons + midweek games and a team playing 3 times in one week + a teams having bout their byes in 3 weeks...AWESOME.

It is a small league...this grouped scheduling is going to happen to work around dates facilities are booked up and "traditional meeting's" when there are limited options. This schedule was a massive step forward for this league....I look forward to what he will accomplish with his second schedule...but I dont see groupings going away w/o more teams.

Sorry man...this is crying into a river in the big picture.

This is the best schedule in the last 15 years. Especially as an Argos fan. No Tuesday morning games!

BC place and BMO field are the only 2 facilities that the league has to work around "scheduling". The other 7 stadiums the CFL teams have first dibs on dates.

I also dont like teams playing each other back to back or twice in 3 weeks, that being said the schedule is what it is and does not seem that bad. The issues of a short turn around is now gone also.

Yes the best schedule the Argos could ever get, lots of Saturday afternoon and evening games.
One Thursday night game in the summer, but that's no problem. The CFL and TSN are promoting Thursday night football in the summer, I think most teams will have a Thursday night game June to August

perhaps you are mostly right, but it is not a choice of one or the other. They have moved forward but doing it more like I would like to see does not mean reverting back to any other minus.

perhaps I was too quick to pounce on this after seeing someone else complain about their teams back to backs. Perhaps I am a few years too late in giving my opinion. I really don’t like the back to back but if the majority want it, then so be it.

There are plenty of fans who don't like so many back-to-backs. I like them in general, but I do get tired of too many.

And of course, wanting to improve the schedule does not equal wanting it to go back to its problematic past.

I don't mind the back-to-back games. Now if they could just eliminate the 10:00 (eastern) games. Hard on the eastern teams and their fans. Almost guaranteed to be a loss as the team falls asleep halfway through the fourth quarter, which a lot of us end up missing - for the same reason.

For sure...but to counter...it is greatly improved. Always room to improved, but to make out like this is some horrid schedule seems a bit silly considering these back to backs are not something new.

Also...again, if they want to have home and aways, as they got feedback was liked, especially the LD ones...then they kinda have to do 2 sets of them per team.

Idunno how MNF makes it.

One thing I notice every year is that you can usually make the schedule quite a bit better by simply taking what they churn out, and switching around a few of the weeks. That seems like it would be a pretty easy thing for them to do before they submit the final draft.

One thing I miss that they did a few years back was playing a game against each team in your division to close out the season. It made the divisional races awesome down the stretch. They shied away from it though, because the West was just trouncing the East for the first two thirds of the schedule.

Pretty confident that their first draft is not their final draft. We don't know what facilities have other commitments / potential commitments. The team will be told that certain windows are not available. For some teams, it is less than others. They also go to every team and say what do you want. Some teams step in and say they would prefer more Friday night games, some say they want Saturdays. This effects things to. Then there is the matter of scheduling how you think you will be less effected by other sports. You are guessing with some of that, but something like the Jays, not so much. There are only a handful of Sunday games...yet you will notice there are no Lions games either home or away on Sundays...hmm, almost like they don't want to go head to head with the Seahawks (something that has been a growing concern). They also only have one Thursday game...again, prior to NFL starting. There are a dozen BMO conflicts with the other FC. That drives a lot of the dates.

It is not as black and white as some seem to think it is.

I do agree that backloading the 2nd half of the season with more divisional games makes sense.

More afternoon games in the autumn. Afternoon Grey Cup.

yes....let's get the biggest game out of primetime...the time the vast majority actually wants to watch. Seems legit.

I'm happy CFL is about to start.
Schedule looks good to me.