About The BB'S offense going to the playoffs and next year

Our offense has been strong all yaer, with the exception of this past Saturday against the T.O Phantoms (oops i meant argo's, forgot no NFL yet) LOL:

QB'S - Kevin Glenn is a very good QB, not the greatest, but still has the upside, we still need a proven backup come next year though.

Reciever's - Come on Stegall, Armstrong, Edwards (no doubt the 3 best this year) Franklin and Eckhart have great potential, Brazzell (hurt all year and will be gone), even next year we are still in pretty good shape here (sad to see Milt pack it in though) we'll miss him.

RB'S - if they don't do it this year they should definately go with a 2 running back system next year (Blink and Reid) I like Reid and we would be stupid to lose him to another CFL team, unless we can get a proven back-up QB.

SPECIAL TEAMS - hmmm, nothing special here only guy who comes to play is Hebert (he might not be back next year) ... kicking situation is gonna be a topic for the rest of the season and off-season. The Returner, i would like to see Stokes or Reid back there.

...you can add guys like Nugent...this guy was a sleeper in the Warner trade with the esks....what a hit he put on Bruce....THAT'S the kind of stuff that gets you respect on the 'd'...he can be the guy we need on special teams, IF Hebert heads south.. Stokes should definitely be kept ...he looked better (even with the fumble) than anyone so far this year.....I would like to see the Bombers at least try the 2 back system....if it doesn't work...what the hey
I don't know about the back-up qbs'...Glenn has to be the starter...BUT...when he's going through a bad stretch like now...it'd be great to have credible guy to throw in there...
Receivers...our strength right now...with Milt gone...we have a few guys who could step-up and be 'the main man' unfortunately there's only one Turtle Man...
This team has a lot of talent...and will be competitive for the foreseeable future...The Bombers will only get better if we can hold on to the corps of players we have now....goBigBlue... :thup: :rockin:

Nugent did look like he has some talent. Hebert will most likely be signed by an NFL team as a special teams guy so he won't be back.
As for the offence Berry seems comitted to his Alouettes ofence which other teams seem to figure out as the season goes on. Its no secret I'm not a Kevin Glenn fan I just can't figure out why anyone else is. The guy has put up some flashy numbers but even at his hottest the Bombers weren't scoring much except in the 2nd Ridders game and an early Eskimos win. They have 3 receivers over a thousand yards and a 1500 yard runner and they rarely seem capable of more than 20 points a game. The offensive line is solid and the problem isn't the receivers or Roberts it should be clear who isn't getting it done.

Our weaknesses are play calling and kicking. I would also throw our secondary in there, with only like 10 pics this year and many a time just don't seem to be in a position to either knock the ball down or make the tackle right after the catch.

And my goodness, playing only the second half is just not gonna cut it in the playoffs. Bombers best get their act together soon or we might not even beat Montreal or get lucky to get back first.

If Hebert leaves - big loss. Milt leaving will create as big an emotional void as a physical loss.

The secondary continues to be unimpressive, you can't cover with your back to the ball and receiver and you have to turn your head back to the play. Basic coverage skills which seem lacking as an overall group (ie. Malveau)

New kickers goes without saying.

I too believe that Glenn well capable, and surrounded by a great supporting cast is still not the Qb of the immediate and near future of this team. He is a extremely competent backup or part of a Qb rotational system. His physical skills are like others on this team not sufficient to compete at a high level season in and season out.

We need a big Canadian receiver (aka Jason Clermont, Fantuz etc.

We need a burner to return kicks.

We need some bigger defensive backs with shutdown speed. I personally don't believe Juran Bolden can perform at the same high level he once did. ( although more time in the defensive system may alleviate his weaknesses)

Need a new special teams coach and possibly a more creative and adaptable defensive co-ordinator (aka Rich Stubler).

This team is still in a rebuilding stage as far asI can see with the glaring weaknesses which will need more than one or two players to remedy.