About Mark Estelle...

Last week against Toronto was the first game of our new corner Mark Estelle. I don't know what you guys though of him but from what I saw, he shut down Soward pretty nicely all game long. He sure look like a big upgrade over Darrell Crutchfield.

What do you guys think?

With Chip Cox, Lamont Brightful, Clint Kent, Etienne Boulay, Matthieu Proulx and now Mark Estelle, it seems like our defence successfully made the turn to youthness. We should be set for the years to come in that department.

Estelle better than Crutchfield? Put me on the field and I'LL be better than Crutchfield. :slight_smile:

That's not true, but God I hate Crutch so much. He has no mobility, he takes interference calls all day long, and he constantly gets beaten for big plays. I have no idea how this guy held a starting job for as long as he did.

Estelle looked good enough, although if we face Toronto in the final, he'll be covering Tony Miles, who's a vastly better receiver than R. Jay Soward.

I share your optimism. I really think Boulay is the guy to watch.

I agree. We've missed seeing Proulx develop this year, but Boulay looks like a great addition...seems to me though they may move him to an outside LB spot rather than the secondary...he sure hits well enough for that, if Butler or Strickland ever move on or out.

Cox, Kent, and Brightful were positive additions this year. If Karikari can bounce back, we do indeed look solid in the secondary for several years to come.

Bye bye Crutchfield.

What is the book on Estelle-where did he come from and how did he land up as an Al?I agree with the comments.Crutchfield could be beaten and did acquire penalties.Lets hope Estelle continues to impress.

Another "jewel" found by Popp:

Al's WebSite Bio

Utah State Bio

Wikipedia - Remember this might not be valid !