ABNFF Ticket Giveaway – Best Friends

We are giving away two tickets again for this week’s home game versus the BC Lions. It should be a great game with the Lions looking to not only revenge their loss to us in week two, but an embarrassing 48-10 loss to the Stamps on home turf last week. Home is just not a good place for the Lions this year.

This week’s tickets are in section 20. Yes. Endzone seats in probably the most animated section of the stadium. IMHO. Also included is a gift certificate for Jack Astor’s.

The theme this week is ‘Best Friends’. Whatever combination, age or gender. Maybe it’s just your favourite person to go to the game with. Could be brothers, or any family combination. My sister is one of my best friends.

Tell us why we should send you to the game in 150 words or less. Check out last home games winning story for a sample of what we are looking for. [url]http://www.abeautifulnightforfootball.com/blog/?p=67[/url]

Same catch as last time. All we are looking for is a story from you after the game (to be submitted by Thursday of next week), and a photo of you and your friend at the game to attach to your story. Once again, if you want to take more photos for our gallery, we would love to show them off.

We will be posting your story(stories if you both want to submit one like Leigh and Lizzy did for the Bombers game), on our site before next Saturday’s home game vs. the Esks.

You don’t have to be a writer to win. It’s about the experience; not your writing skills. It can be in point form for all intensive purposes. We’ll add the finishing touches. Click below for an example of how your story might look.

That’s it. Good luck.

There once was a guy from Nantuckit
Who wanted to go to the game but said.........I already have tickets, thanks anyways

:) Perhaps next time I'll give everyone a bit more notice.

I'll need your emails by Wednesday noon. I'll try to let everyone know either way before 5pm Wednesday who the winner is.

And email your stories to stories@abeautifulnightforfootball.com.