ABIII - Mr. Mature

If anyone saw Arland's OTR appearance he seemed very down to earth and a likable guy. He's always been a bit of a hot head but he says that's behind him now. He's been a model citizen since he's been here, so let's all give him a chance.

Anyone know about this nickname he has posted on his website? He labels himself Mr. Mature. I wonder if this is a new thing to signify his turning of the leaf, or if it's supposed to be a dig at his detractors or what? I found the timing of it to be very interesting.

I think he just enjoys being a colorful character and I don't think he will "embarrass" the team like some are worried about. In fact, I think he will go out of his way to be Mr. Mature. If he does that, how can anyone still stubbornly hold the past against him?