Abdulah's hit

Is the CFL going to fine him? It was no different than what Shultz did to Wynn. He didn't make an attempt to lower his helmet, it was also from the side, the only difference is that his helmet didn't fall off. Does that hid deserve a fine?

i was thinkin the same thing :stuck_out_tongue: but on the other hand, i cant believe he got in so clean :expressionless:

You can thank French for that. That's why Fantuz should be starting, French can't catch, can't block, and cant get past the first down mark on third down.

i thought it was him :roll: IMO i dont think he is very smart :expressionless: how could u let a defender pass you, when french didnt pass the line of scrimmage yet, a lil shove would of work! i think Joesph wasnt the same after that :roll:

I saw nothing wrong with the hit..my only question was why was Joseph still playing? he was obviously hurt and his mobility was reduced by 50% chalk it to DB's moronic coaching decisions...like French Should have been benched and Fantuz put it

jason french is garbage, i dont even know why they keep this guy around..and yea it was him that missed the block, abdulah ran right by french, i dont even think french seen him run by, the guy must have tunnel vision or somthing i dont see how u could miss that block completly he could of gave him a push or somthing at least if he would have seen him, would have gave joseph few more seconds to do somthing, i thought the hit was pretty clean tho, a good solid hit.

It was a clean hit, and French should be cut for letting a player through like that, I guess French wasnt watching when his teammate got the free pass to the QB in the BC game. Warren got cut after that, and maybe French should be too.

French is completely responsable for the missed block, he should be gone as the way of Antonio Warren. Do we remember the words of our beloved GM, saying when we lost Thurman, even he (Shivers) could get a 1000 yards on 10 yard passes, well French can't even find the first down marker, he's very flakey, we need someone in the Middle who will take a hit WHY ISEN'T THIS BUM ON THE RETURN TEAM? WHY DO WE HAVE OUR STAR WIDE OUT (all 160 lbs of him)RETURNING PUNTS, we have a roster full of deadbeats let their heads get taken off, you can tell Armstead dosen't want to be back there.

i dont even know why French was back there in the 1st place? :roll:

It doesn't surprise me that French missed a block. I have never seen him pick up a block. He has even said that it is his job to catch balls, not to block

i just got home from work :cowboy: did they let French go yet? :? :stuck_out_tongue: