Abdul Kanneh

"The 26-year-old made 16 starts for the REDBLACKS in 2016, collecting 52 tackles, one sack, three interceptions and one forced fumble."

The signing of Kanneh signing certainly fills a need. Those are some great stats.

Agree but the secondary is no better off unless they sign Davis as well.

They did.
Demond Washington, Kanneh, Butler, E. Davis, Stephen for our secondary.
Simoni, Dean, and Murray at LB.

Not bad for the first day...

Not bad at all! I still think Sears has something left in the tank and would be a good veteran presence. Great to have Butler back!

Rico Murray ? did I miss something here ? the last I heard he was still unsigned . Did we re-sign him , because I haven't heard or read about it. I would love to see Murray re-signed(if he isn't already) providing of course if he could stay healthy (hopefully) for an entire season. You gotta admit on paper that back eight looks great . You throw in a D-Line consisting of Chick and Tracy at end and Laurent at the one tackle spot and all we need is a replacement for Nevis beside him inside and it would appear we are set on the D side of the ball this season. There is some options still available at DT in FA . Hopefully Austin will have enough left in the kitty to sign the likes of an Alan-Michael Cash or perhaps reacquiring and welcoming back home Bryan Hall. Other possible still available lower key options as Nevis's replacement to consider would be the likes of a Zach Minter(Calg) , Corvey Irvin (Sask) , Euclid Cummings(Winnipeg) or a Tracy Robertson (Toronto).

Bobo, I forgot that Rico is a free agent.

8) Bobo, don,t forget they still have DT Delano Johnson. He re-signed 3 weeks ago.
 He played pretty well last year for the few games he started, but was used mainly as a rotational guy.

 Yes, they could look at Bryan Hall, but not for the money he made last year as an Argo !!  He probably wants a raise
  again also.  Some of these players are going to price themselves out of the league with their demands    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

I thought he was still a FA , I was kinda hoping that you might have heard something that I didn't :slight_smile: . Oh well , there's always today as round 2 gets underway in the Free Agency season . Hopefully today is the day that we re-sign Murray , get Fantuz back on board and hopefully welcome back home Terrell Sinkfield. :rockin: :smiley:

I hear ya , apparently from how it sounds Hall isn't even on the radar screen . The last I heard it's between the Boat Anchors and the Sliders as to where he's going to sign. LOL !!! So I guess you can say that Hall likes the money , he just doesn't like winning football games as much when you consider who he might sign with. :lol:

The Cats have legit National talent at DT in Atkinson. He was starting and dressing over Gaydosh last season.

As for the Kanneh signing... awesome!

Kanneh and his son Jovani

He will be missed in Ottawa a great signing for Hamilton .

One of our weakest links last season has certainly been addressed

Voted by his peers as Best in League as shutdown DB :thup:

this is a must watch


Well, that's good news. We signed arguably the best in the league, to fill what was arguably our most pressing need.

Here's hoping that with the Kanneh signing, we are bringing to town a player of the caliber of Delvin Breaux.

After the previous seasons we've had, I'm excited for his arrival, and for the overall improvement of our secondary.

The Breaux - Kanneh connection is a very good analogy. Now if we can find an Erik Harris - type linebacker/Db we are all good. I wonder if Butler might be that guy with Terrel Davis and Nick Shortill as depth Canadians.

The D certainly looks a lot stronger going into camp.

Pat Lynch (the old guy)