Did anyone get the number of the getaway bus after the first half team was abducted from the locker room?

These imposters shouldn't have been allowed to put the same uniforms on for the second half!! :cry:

That was a coach, not a bus.

Halftime adjustments. Again.

This team still lacks discipline and execution.

Austin is the Bus driver must have forgot his GPS! :lol:

You would think when you put an oppositions defence on the field for over half of the first half,you might want to accentuate that in the 2nd half by running the football....

But not our offensive brain trust...

My take on Austen at the half: find the plays in the first half that didn’t work. Emphasise these in the 2nd half. If you are dominating tell the guys to let up a bit so the opposition doesn’t look bad in front of their fans

Austin is not the coach who I thought he would turn out to be. If he is the one who is in control of discipline - failed. If Austin is a quarterbacks coach - why is Masoli still in this province? If Austin is the ultimate character builder and face of this team he has failed miserably. And finally take that stupid I'm smarter than you look off your face because your crappy record speaks for itself. We suck at all levels of the game.

Actually, I was more concerned with his off season GM moves that purged the veteran leadership, Burris, Hage, Jamal Johnson, Stala

All those losses, all at once, ripped out the heart and soul of the team. This team looks way too young and inexperienced.

...and is our future. Period. Do we really want to go "rebuild" again? The truth is that we are close, and but for a pile of injuries, woud have a very different record. All things sometimes in time.