Abandoning Sport Line on CHCH TV

Throughout the past year or so, I have listened to Mark Hebscher bad mouth the CFL.
He appears to have the feeling that Canada's own professional football league is second rate.
While I enjoy many of the productions on CH, Sportsline isn't one of them and only because
Hebscher won't give the CFL its due. He has also made little innuendoes regarding the CFL
that I find offensive, particularly when they are coming from a sportscaster who is on Hamilton's
local TV station. While I can't site any of his remarks, I am wondering if anyone else has
experienced the same thing or is getting the same impression as I, in that he considers the CFL
to be a lowly sport that doesn't deserve his time.

Meanwhile, he and Bubba go on and on about every other sport in the book, despite the fact
they may be out of season or IMO of little interst.

Recently, as we all know, Auggie Barrenechea retired after 9 stellar years as a Ticat and didn't
even get honourable mention from Sports Line.

I think the two hosts of this show may need a gentle reminder that Hamilton is primarily a
football town and it would behoove CHCH to give Mark and Bubba a gentle slap on the
wrists reminding them of that fact.

They may argue that Dan Welch ran the item on his segment of the sports news, but this
doesn't in any way, nulify the fact that Mark particularly, appears to disregard the CFL.


Don't watch it. Not a fan of Hebscher's schtick.

Not really interested in their coverage. I would appreciate a little more local coverage on Tiger-Cats, Bulldogs, Mac, Hurricanes/Iron men, Inter county baseball, and high school.

Would be nice to see Drew Edwards and Steve Milton on a regular bit.

Oh well, there are plenty of other channels and media.

I don't watch either. I don't like either one of those clowns.

I've tried to watch it from time to time but Hebscher really turns me off, and the show comes across as 100th rate at best.

Yes rocky, a short piece on Auggie should be done by them, no question.

Hebscher believe that the CFL is second rate when compared to the NFL, it's his opinion and he has a point. With the salary cap in the CFL and the low wages we can't lure the big names to the CFL. We also have a system that says you must start 20 Canadians, these players don't have to compete fairly for these positions, we know this and accept it. The players on the whole are just not as good as the NFL. We sign NFL cast offs and players from CIS universities that don't compete at the same level as NCAA schools. It is a second rate league!!! how could he or anyone else call it a first rate league??

However, we love the league, support it, like the players etc but we know it's second rate or one step below the NFL, maybe you don't like the word "rate" maybe second "tier"
There are a lot of people out there that believe that because it's second rate they won't attend games or support it, they believe with rules like the Canadian ratio we can't play the best available players and we are giving jobs to guys just because they are Canadian and not because of their ability. Hebscher has his opinion and he obviously doesn't like the CFL, it's like the guys on talk radio, they say things controversial and people that don't agree with their opinions want them off of the air. I think it would be a sad day if TV stations or radio stations told their on air guys that they must have a certain opinion. The fact is Hebscher gets a lot of people watching, and he says some controversial things and the guy has an opinion, he probably loves the fact that we are talking about him now.

Hebscher is a tool. He has no qualities that make me want to waste time watching his dribble on our local station. Wish he would go back to Toronto................oh wait they don't want him either

Right up your alley, wasn't it? Don't speak of what "we" know. Speak for yourself. I don't "know" that the CFL is second rate. It's WAY better than the NFL. I won't even get into the millions of reasons why it is better. We've gone over it time and again. I would rather watch CFL over NFL any time. It's much more exciting.

I don't underestand??? why is it up my alley? you mean "free speech"?

In your opinion "It's way better" but that doesn't mean it's not Second Rate!

In MY opinion, I enjoy the CFL better than the NFL - but it is not at the same level as the NFL that is a fact!!
In Hebscher's opinion he doesn't like the CFL it's Second Rate.

But it doesn't matter it's his opinion and he shouldn't be taken off of the air because he doesn't say nice things about the CFL. He just stated that it's a second rate leauge - we love this second rate league.

I couldn't agree more, Banshee. NFl and CFL are two very different games and to me, ours is far superior.
Money and league prestige doesn't even enter the picture. The point is, CH is Hamilton's TV station and they
are being remiss by not paying more attention to the CFL on Sports Line.

What's right up your alley? Slagging the CFL because of the Canadian content rule.

I don't think he should be taken off the air for his opinion on the CFL either. I think he should be taken off the air because he's a complete moron and not in any way entertaining to watch.

Then don't watch the guy it's as simple as that, you want him taken off of the air because you don't agree with what he has to say.

As for the Canadian content rule I don't want to get into this again, I am not slagging the CFL. My opinion has always been that they should "reduce" the Canadian content because it adds ZERO entertainment value to the CFL and with a reduced ratio we could see some more exciting payers on the field.
You can argue that the 3 downs, the extra 2 men on the field, the wider/longer field, the run backs on punts etc
ALL add to the entertainment value and make our league better - but the Canadian content is the ONLY rule that does NOTHING for the game and does not make the league better a lot of people see this is second rate and a big reason for not attending games. Most people that live in Southern Ontario have this opinion and see it as Second Rate - how do you explain approx 19,000 paying customers to Argo and Ticat games?

Whether anyone likes it or not...the CFL can be considered as being a different level of football than the NFL. But...I still love the CFL and find it more exciting than any NFL game I've watched. And..that's just my opinion. Everyones got one. Doesn't make me right and everyone else wrong.

And why is the NFL more successful? My opinion...money and population. They have millions more people to draw from and threrefore can pour more resources into the sport starting from minor league on up through college football.

As for Hebscher? I don't watch the show as I don't live in the Hamilton arrea anymore. And I wouldn't say he should be taken off the air but...he and CHCH should realize that being "controversial" is one thing and will attract viewers etc. But if he's just downright offensive and anti-CFL...then CHCH runs the risk of driving viewers away. And that leads to losing the station altogether. Haven't they already been down that road?

Most people that live in Southern Ontario have this opinion? Do you have proof of that?

Call the CFL what you want, not a "major" league, "2nd rate" etc. that is everyone's right, no question. It's people's right to enjoy the league or not, support it or not etc.

However way you look at it, it's still my favourite league to watch and follow, beats NHL, NFL, MLB and NBA for the most part. Some people might not like me for saying that (obviously not here) and I do say that when I'm out and about and it bugs them - and I love it! :smiley:

It's just real neat to meet people who love the CFL, can't put my finger on it exactly but I feel and instant bond with them.

It must bug some people who live in Hamilton and pay taxes here who don't like the CFL knowing some of their taxes go towards upkeep and renovation and development of IWS. Again, love it! :smiley: I wonder what Mark thinks about that. 8)

I have an opinion an I feel compelled to share it. Over and over and over again. In case anyone missed it last time. The world needs to know what I think.

On the day that the Burris for Glenn trade was announced, Hebscher did a little preview of his upcoming Sportsline show and mentioned several topics that he and Bubba would be discussing. None were about Burris. Finally during the actual show they did discuss it but it was WAY down their list. Does that make any sense? A sports show in Hamilton that does not support it's major professional team. Both of these guys are anti-CFL and have provided many examples. We should boycott this show and hopefully their ratings tank.

Ken Welch on the other hand usually kicks off his segment with any major Ti-cat news.

The hilarious part (to me anyway) is that the show is only on the air because of the CRTC's Canadian content rules. :lol:

CHCH is owned by Channel Zero out of Toronto so they probably tell these guys what to talk about, tell them everything what to say I'm sure, puppets. So maybe it's not all part of their doing, I don't know. Maybe they are trying to impress their bosses who only want to talk about the "major" league sports, again don't know.

Ken Welch is great though, have met him and felt like I was a somebody talking to him.

If you don't want to get into this again, then why did you raise it again?

You say the ratio adds ZERO (your emphasis) entertainment value to the CFL, and you allow that people "can argue" for the merits of other aspects of Canadian football, but say that the ratio is the ONLY (your emphasis) rule that adds NOTHING (your emphasis) to the game. You go on to say that most people in Southern Ontario share your opinion.

With respect, I disagree with all of your points. Your repetition of them, regardless of the emphasis added, does not make them facts. They are not facts, they are opinions-- not those of most people-- yours.

Yes, you have free speech, we all do. Repetition of the same opinions does not add to their merit. Increasing their volume does not make them more persuasive.

BAZINGA! :lol: