Abandon The Run

I say fuck the run.

We need to get the passing game going, if that means throwing the bloody ball on every play then so be it. Send the speedsters, Stokes, McGarity, Sutherland deep on every play, open up the middle of the field for Stegal and Stoddard, they have the best hands, and use Charlie out of the back field on the swing to counter the rush or a screen to Regimbald.

This is the CFL, we gotta have 30 - 40 pass attempts per game, so fuck the run.

Roberts does come up with a good play once and I while, so lets not abandon the run. I say keep it balanced.

30 or 40 pass attempts will mean nothing if they all fail.

I haven’t seen a whole lot of crossing a patterns.More and veried passing plays. get the short passing game working and get the QB and receivers on the same play book. butThere is the little thing about actually catching the ball that makes passing work.

I think Section T’s right on the money. That’s all well and good Pigseye, but as T’s pointed out, who’ going to catch these long bombs? Kamau sure can’t, Stoddard could but unfortunately he doesn’t have the speed to get down there as quickly as most receivers, Sutherland’s still a question mark, and McGarity…christ I forget this guy still dresses for games. The one bright spot in the last Bomber game offensively was that the O line made holes for Roberts. F*** the run? We just got it started for christ’s sake, it’s the one piston on offense that’s actually firing and now were going to abandon it for a non-existent passing attack? Let’s stick with the run, and in the meantime the receivers on this team can continue to try and carry out their occupations competently and catch footballs.

here’s the thing…do you establish the run to open up the passing game or the other way around…I think you try the running game first…if it ain’t producing, try the short passing game…swing passes and throw the odd bomb too loosen things up…if you have a running QB. …let him run with it…all I know is looking at the offense so far this year there has been little imagination or none at all. What’s wrong with running a reverse…hell even a statue of liberty…what the hell have we got to lose…maybe if you become unpredictable alot of the time, it becomes a weapon in itself…hellloooo Mr. Daley. :!:

Then expect more of the same pitiful offensive results as we have seen thus far my friends, more predictble bs runs between the tackles with a 150 lb scat back who couldnt break a tackle if his life depended on it. It doesnt really matter if our receivers catch the ball or not at least you can put some doubt in the oppostion defence as to what is coming next, and who knows maybe Kamau or vinny or McGarity will take the next one to the house, Id rather go out swinging then playing the same conservative bs that we are getting now.

That’s a solid rebuttle. The one positive that can be taken from last game is that the O line did better, and I think that if you get Roberts going early, the QB gains confidence because he knows he has somebody to turn too if the passing attack falters. Establishing a strong running game early will hopefully get the opposing defense guessing and can allow the Bombers to try to stretch them. Still though, I just don’t think we have the weapons to give opposing teams fits through the air, and I think if we concentrated our offense around a passing attack it would turn into Tee Martin throwing up prayers and crossing his fingers that one of his targets doesn’t eff up and actually brings one down. That aside, another major problem that the Bomber offense has had to contend with this year is playing against an early deficit. If you’re coming onto the field down even a touchdown early, you’re under the gun before you’ve even had a chance to settle into your game plan.

exactly brewbomber …we have to get on the board first…coming from behind with this team is like trying to run up hill with an anvil chained to your ankle…we can’t afford to get behind early…cripes , our receivers are so sporadic …but you get the feeling that with any type of continuity they could shock the team into high-gear …and possibly more than one touch-down in the game…I liked Vinny hot-doggin a bit after his ONE CATCH…but also kidding aside, that’s the kind of thing that ignites football teams…unfortunately they couldn’t follow it up. Good teams make great plays and we sure could use a few more to get the hell going…WE AREN’T THAT BAD… :arrow: :arrow: :arrow:

Very true Brew, coming from behind an early deficit is what they have been doing all season, whcih would account for not being able to establish the running attack, I mean why would you run the ball if your already down by two scores, so the passing game should pick up one would think, except our stats dont show it, 20 attempts, 22, attempts, 24 attempts, unless Im missing something here it didnt. So I think you can throw that arguement out the window. Daley is really going to mold this squad into something special. Either they are going to be outstanding or a complete embarisment before the season is out.

It appears someone is listening, todays free press says charlie is not happy to hear that the bombers will be deploying more 5 receiver sets tonight against the esks which dont include him. Too bad charlie but its a passing a league and that has to come first, he will just have to try a little harder when he does get the call, perhaps that is a good thing, we will see tonight.

That is all it comes down to… basically I don’t even need my own opinion on this matter. What I bolded is the truth. Otherwise, it’ll be another in the winless column for the BB’s. Pathetic. Just pathetic.

Consider this a second chance, or last chance if you will, for some of the bomber receivers to step up and show they belong. I like dailys philosphy so far, mudge being the first casualty of under performance, its time to fish or cut bait baby.

Abandon the run? You must be joking. It’s the only thing that currently works in your offense. Stick with it and the passing game will open; linebackers will have to respect the run instead of just teeing off on the QB. Establish the run early, then roll Martin out of the pocket or get him going on some play-action. Short stuff at first, 7-yard patterns, maybe some crossing routes. Keep Edmonton’s defense guessing. But in order for this to work, YOUR RECEIVERS HAVE TO EXECUTE. Kamau Peterson, Wayne McGarity, I’m looking at you. No dropped balls. No falling down on routes. No mistakes. Run crisp routes quickly, get open and help your QB out. If they do that enough times, Edmonton will think twice about double-covering Stegall and then he will also become more productive.

My other piece of advice is to get Stokes involved in the offense. He broke off some big plays for you last year the handful of times he lined up as a receiver, so why not use him? The guy has blazing speed; if Martin can find him open downfield, he can burn the Esks big time.

stokes is useless. highly overrated. in fact this year he is the worst primary returner in the league as well which is supposedly what he is good at. he cannot block catch or run on offense. why does everyone love him. he occasionally hasa good return. but more often he gets nothing or worse fumbles the ball which effectively almost forces the other team to get at least 3 points if not more. if any other team wants him-i say trade him immediately.

Lets just blame the poor start on the fact that our starting qb was injured in the first game of the season, it worked for the riders last year.