AS I Said From Day 1 when The Trade Happened.
He be a Great Part of this Team
He done more then Tought He would.
You should seen him at Practices
Talking to guys coaching the up.
He been great in the Locker room

He has been a Real Asset on and Off The Field..
This will the Trade of this Decade for us


I had a GOOD LAUGH re-reading some of the posts of those who DOUBTED his worth around the time of his pick-up.


As someone who didn't want to see his name in black and gold I admit my fault. AB3 has proven me and many other people wrong and I'm glad to see it. He has played his heart out for us, displayed leadership, and community involvement. I have converted to a AB3 fan and greatly enjoy starting the "BBBBBRRRRRRUUUUUUCCCCCCEEEEEEEE" cheer after a big reception.

AB has came in here and has become one of the team leaders.
After the game in TO he was asked some questions by the media…his response…“no comment”. When I seen this on tv my first impression was that he took losing really hard…really hard and he didn’t want to make any comments. I think we seen too many players here over the last few years that felt losing was no big deal to them. AB’s influence has raised the team’s performance to the next level…IMO. :cowboy:

I am curious to see how you know this.

To be perfectly honest, as long as he doesn't divide the locker room I am fine. What matters most is that he shows up on game day and performs.

I must admit That I was a little nervous when I heard that he was coming here,but mainly because I thought he might just be a bust,like some other players that we brought here in previous years.
Im really happy that he is having the season that he is and I have not checked his stats from T.O from previous years but I think that he is having one of his best years to date!

I am curious to see how you know this.

8) Because it said so in the Spectator the other day !! :wink:

Fair enough. Thank you.

Yep Goodspeed said so. :smiley:

I was NOT concerned with his off-field contribution. I was concerned with his big mouth and attitude. :lol: I am overjoyed to admit that I was wrong and he has been a model citizen and player since his arrival.

The way he draws a crowd of team mates in the endzone and on the sidelines after a TD is pretty good indicator how he's seen by the rest of the team.

The label of "cancer" in the Argo locker room was pure rubbish anyway as he was quite popular there too.

Yup..I was definitely one of them. Love what he's brought to the field -- I still find him cocky...but certainly mind that less now that he's on our side.

In Practice today He was thrown the ball in Double Covage and He Came down with it

Everyone from Fans Watching Practice to The Team Gave him Props

They only we know How The Brrruce Cheer :thup: !!!

He need a Change and Glad we could give him that

Can't wait to see him live on October 31st :rockin: :rockin:

Don't you remember the Cancer in the locker room post that was A1 classic :roll:

If lots of sports writers get a bad impression about a particular athlete
and there are lots of similar stories about the athlete for several years

I think it is more likely that their stories are close to the truth.

There were no stories about Arland as a negative influence
in the years before Bart Andrus became Argo's Head Coach

He needed to instill a more business-like attitude this year
and Arland became the player who was the scapegoat

Arland was upset about being suspended for a game
and being called unprofessional by his Head Coach

and he lashed out and made some very juicy quotes
to one particular sports writer from one Toronto paper.

Many of us felt that this insubordination
told the whole story about his character.

I didn't feel that was true, but it made me wonder if Arland
was a leader in the mutiny against Kerry Joseph last year

I pondered whether he might do the same in our locker room
with our QBs and create a split in our team among the players,

but, as a newcomer, I felt he wouldn't have enough infuence,
and the coaches and veterans would nip that in the bud

So far everything is rosy and I expect it to continue.

It's better not to read too much of what one reads in the sports pages.

Hi Onknight. Was this supposed to be poetry or some kind of Rap song? I don’t quite understand some of what you’re saying…‘coaching the up’???.. ‘He be…,He done…, He been…’ … Maybe I’m getting too old to understand the new English. Just curious :smiley:

AB3 is finding Hamilton is a bit different than T.O. He offers toothless and shirtless fans his own shirt. How thoughtful of him. :rockin:

AB3 is a great player. He knows he can't screw up here or he will get booted out of town. It happened to him in Toronto and he doesn't want that to happen again.

His problems though stemmed from the top down. Poor upper management is so evident in this case. The poor moves that they made by making Stubler the HC, then replacing him with Don Matthews, the going out and getting a 1 year wonder QB while they had a QB (who AB3 liked) that was 10-1 as a starter. Compounded with losing it just doesn't make for a good situation.

The same can be said for Winnipeg. Bad decisions from the management trickles down and affects the product on the field.

There is nothing wrong with having a losing season but when it looks like there is no hope for the future then that's when your problems start. The BC Lions are having a down year but they have lost a few players to free agency and injuries have taken their toll. The lions are still a good team. They won't win the Grey Cup but they are going to get better and compete next year.

The Blue Bombers and Argos have nothing going for them this year and both will need major improvements next year to compete.

AB3 will lead us to a Grey Cup victory in the next few years.