AB3 Re UPs to 2012

Just got a TSN alert that AB has signed an extension through 2012, nothing on TSN.ca just yet!! so no link

This is great news IMO

Link is up now


Fantastic!Couldn't be more thrilled with this signing :slight_smile:
Next we need to lock up Baggs for another 2 years.

15_championships: The deal Stevie signed last September is through the 2012 season.

It great news :thup:

Another extremely vital piece of the puzzle taken care of.

Presumably he's happy and wants to be here and believes in the direction of the team.

A long, protracted negotiation going into this season would be a source for all kinds of negative speculation and rumour mongering . Not happy with GM, coach, OC, QB, you name it...resulting in a huge distraction the team can do without.

We need to get Stevie a strong supporting cast

So they only signed him for 1 more year?

Too bad it wasn't through 2014

1 Bruce III, Arland WR Import 5.11 194 1977-11-23 Minnesota
Arland is getting up there in age
He still i great player
we need to find a Replacement soon
This why he just 1 year deal an Option I like to seen 2 + 1
He oldest player on the Roster now at 31
Eddie steal is Youngest at 23 by the way

Arland is 33 and will be 34 this year. Tom work on your math alittle bud! 2011-1977 is not 31 :lol:

Even more reason to not be signing long-term contracts. And at his age, 2+1 is long-term. I suspect that, if he's still looking good at the end of this year, the team might offer him another 1+1 contract.

Receiver is a position where a player can shine into their mid to late 30's. I wouldn't be surprised if Arland played another 4-5 years at a high level.

Not so sure about that. Second half of the season, he seemed to show signs of slowing down. Still phenomenal, top receiver, go-to guy, but not quite as dominant as he was earlier in the season. DBs were taking shots at him, and it seemed to take a bit longer to shake the resulting injuries off than it would a younger player. How many practices did he miss / skip to allow himself to be in shape for game day?

And mid to late 30s? He's almost mid 30s. 1+1 takes him to 35, turning 36 in the playoffs.

How many practices did he miss / skip
to allow himself to be in shape for game day?

He didn't miss any practices that I was at.

until he missed time with injury late in the season.

He was on the field early and he lead by example
as far as running pass patterns and hustling back.

He seemed extremely fit to me.

Arland performed at a top notch level at 31 and 32 years of age

His speed, agility and jumping ability aren't likely to drop off
markedly one or two years later just because he is 34 or 35

if he keeps motivated and keeps up his fitness off season.

Factors like motivation to play and keep fit in the off season

and the number and severity of injuries, especially leg injuries,
an older receiver has, and how his body has responded to them

determine whether that receiver can perform at close to %100,

not that receiver's chronological age, in my opinion.

Great news. I don't know if I missed something, but I didn't see him slowing down at all.

Please don't get me wrong. AB3 is definitely our best receiver, hands down. And he's an amazing athlete who always seems to come to camp in top condition. But I had the impression last year that he dropped from absolutely incredible to simply amazing around midseason. And looking at his stats, they seem to reflect this. In the first eight games, he had four games with more than six catches, and five games with over 60 yards receiving; in the seven games he played after that before his injury, he didn't have any games with more than six catches, and only two games with more than 60 yards. I guess some of that difference may have been due to the rest of the receivers stepping up and Glenn spreading the ball around more, some due to more attention from the DBs, and some due to a tougher schedule in the second half. But I had the impression that he was "struggling", although still performing at a very high level.

I thought I had read that he missed a couple of practices in the second half before playing in those weeks' games. I could be wrong - maybe I'm thinking of the last couple of games that he missed.

Alot time time that where Doubling Bruce
alot of the time with the Safety overtop or an going into 3 deep zone to keep him in under the coverage
This Ment others where open like McDaniel or Mo man
you put the ball where coverage is less crowed.. Less chance of an INT.
where your best shot to gain yards is away from Double Coverage
sometime you chance it cause AB3 is great player but better to play the odds most of time

I agree with you, CFO. Bruce is still a great receiver and his work ethic enables him to continue a high level of play. But for someone that relies on speed to get deep and gain YAC yards, increasing age usually slows guys down. I also noticed a different Arland in the last few games and that's when guys like McDaniel and Mann began to step up. I think the days of 1200 yd and 10 TD seasons are over for Mr. Bruce but there's nothing wrong with 800 yds and 6 TD's. In the end, Arland is a veteran and he sets the tone both in practice and on gameday, so I think it was important to lock him up anyway.

It's official - Arland Bruce III has signed a new deal with the Ticats that will keep him in Hamilton through the 2012 season.

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/article/arland-bruce-iii-extends-contract]http://www.ticats.ca/article/arland-bru ... s-contract[/url]

Video: http://ticats.ca/video/index/id/17003

From the AB3 interview: "My favourite colour's grey this year." Gotta like it.