AB3 First Touchdown Celebration

What would you like to see from Bruce the first time he finds the endzone?

I want something crazy!
an AB original

An Oski Wee Wee cheer.



:D :D :D T.O.'d there :P

We shall see. He's done MJ, Jason Farr does Billy Mays every game, Farrah involves a wig, the rash of boxers dying involves guns or purse straps. All I want him to do is something spontaneous, tasteful, and nylon-friendly.

(No Joe Namath ad references were made there) :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

He will put on the Andrus mask.

Would he keep the Count Chocula box under his pads? Hmmmm...

:D :D :D

You mean, like a rain dance or smoke signal?? (Sorry...couldn't resist...apologies to all my Haudenosaunee friends....O:nen)

(Edit: ...my other idea for a reply was to ask "what's so crazy about an aboriginal?"...then make wild accusations of racism!! )

I liked the one a week or two ago when Brandon Browner jumped up into the stands, a fan gave him a beer and he chugged it. :thup:

Give THAT MAN A BEER X 2 -- he was great!

How about just drop the ball and go celebrate with your team mates and act MATURE!

Damn you Knute Rockne!


Gonna watch tonight, HTD?

Sure am

I think an oskie wee wee would be bitter sweet Heh :twisted:

How about pulling a Ben Cahoon - do nothing - hand the ball to the ref.
That's class.

It's what you get paid for......


Put The ball in hands of the Ref

You know he just might do something like that . . . just handing the ball to the ref . . . or just dropping it and walking back to the sidelines . . . because it's just about the last thing that anyone would expect . . . and doing the unexpected just might appeal to him.

Bettin' Obie and AB have already had the "celebration talk". :wink:

How about the the first one against the blue team, he runs over and gives Andrus an 'noogie' on that big bald spot.

The problem is it would be a 15-yarder to traverse that WITH a noogie. LOL

Who Loves Ya Baby?

im going with a toy boat getting ripped in half

I don't think he'll do anymore elaborate over the top celebrations. maybe next time we play in toronto though.