AB3 a real leader on the ticats...

I noticed a real classy thing by AB3 today when Glenn threw the first interception and Glenn was talking to the coach's I saw AB3 give him a half hug (thats a one armed Not wierd for guys hug) and say something I presume was encouraging to Glenn Classy and Makes me pray he finishes his career with the Black and Gold...

Not trying to start a fight or controvery but if he is THAT classy, how come he didn't do the same thing when Porter faultered?

Just asking.......

oh oh. :smiley:

He probably did the first time but then realized after the 10th screw up he realized it didnt work :stuck_out_tongue:

Glenn has lead the Cats to a home playoff game. Shouldn't you be busy eating crow?

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

that's exactly what your trying to do...

Can you prove he didn’t?

No crap , this better not lead to a porter thread .

Some need a pat on the back others need a punch in the mouth ...

Bruce deserves a lot of credit indeed, class guy all the way.
Doc 8)

Bruce did drop a few of Porters passes, Maybe he will make it up to him next time Q.P. is called upon, (Hopefully with a big lead over the Lion,s !! :thup:

Exactly my first thought.

Can you prove he did?

Why should he?

He never made a claim like you did that Bruce did not console Porter after a pick.

But the only reason why this thread was started was because TSN caught it on the sideline. If we didn't see this, do you think Bruce is still a classy guy? Is this thread still started?

I have no issue with what Bruce did. It was commendable and it shows his maturity that he's more than a me first guy. He genuinely cares about his team mates, that he likes.

Honestly AC, I'm a huge Porter supporter, but Bruce is supporting Glenn because he simply has out-played Porter the past four weeks. Before this, I wasn't convinced that Glenn was any better than Porter, but for getting it done now, Glenn is the answer. Though I still feel Porter is the future.

Think about when your at work, if you have someone who is mediocre to average at their job who makes a lot of mistakes, you aren't supporting them, you're angry with them. But if someone who is good at their job makes the odd mistake, you'll let them know mistakes happen.

I'm not mad at Bruce for being a great football player who wants to win. Clearly you're just unhappy Glenn has played better than Porter. Live with it, we're playing at Ivor Wynne on Sunday, shouldn't you be happy?

Agreed with everything you say here, but that's not the issue here. You're being challenged on this other statement of yours, "[b] how come he didn't do the same thing when Porter faultered?"[/b]

It's like saying how come he never ties his shoes? I've never seen him tie his shoes on TSN.

How conme he never talks to Cobb? I've never seen him talk to Cobb on TSN.

then whats your point?

Good point CaptK: It's about seeing what you want to see rather than what's right in front of your eyes. And right now my eyes say Bruce has respect for Kevin and Kevin is getting the job done big time. And, I'm not sure if Bruce's move to console Glenn came after the second interception because, if it did, I think Bruce was partially at fault for not coming back to the ball.

For all we know, AB3 could have been telling Glenn that the INT was his own fault, NOT Glenn's...