AB3 '09 highlights

This video is not mine, found it on youtube.Does not contain all of his 10 TD's, just the more memorable one's.


Awesome video, notice most of the time the defense has their hands all over him or he is often in double coverage making those catches. My all time favorite was the first one handed catch.


I found it kind of boring,although all great catches I thought the video was too slow and showed to many replays.
With those kinds of catches I think they could have done it to a faster song and I think A.BIII made enough great catches that they could show less replays and more of his other catches.
Just my opinion though.

Some good memories from '09, just think of next years it will include Grey Cup touchdown catches. :slight_smile:

No Michael Jackson tribute from the Canada Day game?

ITS A HANDS GAME! Next year after a full camp with us things can only get better............

I just hope don't Retire and comes back We need AB#3