AB 3 Jerseys

Well, I just got an email from the Ticats announcing the acquisition of Arland Bruce. They are already allowing the pre-ordering of AB3 jerseys. Does anyone else think that this is a tad early? I could understand the email and the attempts to create a buzz to boost attendance but I think the jersey are a lil over the top. Considering I can’t get a Floyd jersey I don’t think its cool to offer a Bruce jersey. Won’t it bother the other guys on the team?

Gonzalo Floyd retired long ago... lol

You can order any jersey you want, can't you?

I don't think it's over the top. He's an all-star, and marketing your CFl team is key, so why not? Creating buzz is always good, especially when you're expecting less than 18,000 next game.

I think he should be number 1.

Cuz that's where he puts himself. Ahead of everyone else.

8) You can get a personalized TiCat jersey with any name and number on it, irregardless of who the player is. Present player, or past player !!!! Who told you any different ???
 I myself wouldn't rush out to get any personalized jersey because of the usual player turnover in this league  !!!   Safer to just buy a vintage TiCat jersey with one of the stars from the past name and number on it  !!!

 I wonder how many Printers jerseys are out there floating around  ???           <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

 I guess they could be called a "Collecter Item".          <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

I will admit it, I have an autographed Casey Printers Ticats jersey hanging in my closet right now. And that is where it will stay.

The good news about Arland taking number 4 is that I am going to do a temporary tape job on my Tay Cody jersey and turn it in to a Bruce jersey for tomorrows game.

So if you see a short white dude rocking that tomorrow, that would be me.

  • paul


Does the CFL allow players to use roman numerals? (III)

I think 0 would be more appropriate :wink:

:lol: That's a good one.
8) I will keep my eyes peeled for a guy wearing duct tape at the game !!!!! :wink:

Um, it will be black and white hockey tape thank you very much!

And I'll thank you not to stare!

  • paul

a few seasons ago when they signed pritners they sold autographed jerseys the day after he was signed. I don't think i'll buy another jersey unless i see a player on the team for atleast 4 ro 5 years and looks as though hes going to stay a guy like hitchcock or morreale was. I've got a home and away autographed corey holmes jersey and an utographed home printers jersey. and a hitcock jersey. none of those players even play for the cats anymore. I was soo close to paying 200 for a lumsden jersey too..saved myself there. do you think any of those jerseys would fetch any cash now?