Aaron Rodgers vs Shaming Cancel Society

Just skip article if you even suspect what he said will trigger you

he's making absolute sure everyone knows he's a dumb pile of bricks (and not just NFL fans).


I’ve been following Aaron’s lunacy and am surprised it took this long to make its way to this forum. Nothing but lies, misdirection, misinformation and arrogant self-importance. Any respect I had for him is gone for good.

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You mean the Berkley loving man with the Hollywood wife who hate the pipelines .

I love it when lefty eat their own .

Yum Yum .

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I don’t know Aaron’s political views or who his wife is (since he split with Olivia Munn) but I take it you are saying he is left wing. While that would be unusual among highly paid athletes, I’ll take your word for it.

What I don’t understand is your comment about the left eating their own, if I have it right. Getting vaccinated isn’t a left wing or right wing based decision. It’s simply common sense. And also shows that person probably made it at least as far as middle school.


Is that a personal attack .

Not any more than yours was. Read your post.

Where do I speak about you .

Sorry but I realize you must mean that my use of the word “you” meant you personally. That was not my intention. I’ll change it via editing.

My view is directed at the one's who want government control on some issues unless it involves something about them personally then Oh not me .

We are built around Hypocrite leadership .

Yes your are right it 's not Right or Left ...it's not about any political party .

But right now cancel culture is clearly being led by the extreme left side of the spectrum and like everything extreme sooner or later they will think those now part of the mob that they are the witch that needs burning .

It appears like it's all around us especially with Hollywood /Entertainment stars / sports stars lately who are now getting lynched by the same mob they were part of seems like a logical outcome to some of the hysteria that is allowed to fester .

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Ok. But none of that was clear to me from your post. I agree with much of what you said above, perhaps not all. There is certainly some hypocrisy and loads of irony.

When I read what you said I wanted to dispel the notion that the issue is one of right vs left. It is really a question as to whether a person believes in science or doesn’t.

Sure there is the stereotypical right wing antivaxxer, Trump won the election, QAnon person who thinks that everyone who doesn’t agree with them is a Communist. But there are numerous other types of antivaxxers out there. What we think of as stereotypical “hippies” are somewhat surprisingly hugely antivaxxers and these people would be considered left wing. In September I visited family near Nelson, BC which is one of the hippiest places in Canada. They also had one of the lowest vaccine rates at 50%.

I should also point out that these right vs left debates ignore the reality that the majority of people are more in the center. That never seems to get discussed. Rather these debates seem to be driven by the extremes on both ends of the spectrum, neither of whom I agree with. But let’s face it, the right handily wins the kook derby over the left.

Being in the center I am not enamored with the mob, cancel culture or political correctness, or even the constant use of these terms or the labels that are constantly being invented with demands made they are adhered to. In that sense I am more on the right. Even more I abhor the self righteous right that ignore reality, for example, by continuing to wrongly insist without any proof that Trump won the fairest election in US history. It is plain to see that these people are far more dangerous than the left and what scares me most are their attempts to destroy democracy and the rule of law, both of which I strongly believe in.

Before I stray any further afield, I see Aaron Rodgers on the extreme right on the vaccination issue. Whether that is true or not there is no debating that he has lied and misdirected and misinformed and appears to be doubling down now that he has been caught. I have no respect for that and he has no respect for science.

I believe it is now time to watch some football!

Your right it's football time . :grinning:

I'm not sure it's the extreme left anymore. What were center right political parties in Saskatchewan and Alberta have also adopted the cancel culture.

Society has devolved into a bunch of lunatics running around angry trying to get people fired or "cancelled" for not "caring" as much as them


It's the squeaky wheel getting grease .

It's over compensation disguised as actually helping or solving issues .

Politics whether in the office or the state seems to over react today with opinions from the past to hide from the problems today .

Who would've thought something like bodily autonomy would've been so controversial.

You are now considered a bad person if you hold values that were cherished by society even 3 years ago.

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Though he was not obliged to do so but certainly he should have followed all NFL protocols on masks as he did not do, Rodgers even explained his personal medical opinion of his medical team, some of the science, and his research on the matter that is HIS health not yours. How many even listened at all?

I find most of the shamers don't even stop to consider the health of the individual first before wagging their fat fingers again about vaccines and meanwhile, well the UK just approved the pill from Merck and Israel is already ordering on a contingency so in a few weeks this matter of vaccines might be less of an issue for more people in much of the developed world.

Of course that Toronto Sun article and that generally arrogant crowd got it wrong in the headline too.

Rodgers stated specifically that he is not anti-vax, which is the case for many who have not yet been vaccinated for whatever reason including especially, as overlooked by most here in the US, the reality that many working people do not have paid sick leave beyond the legitimate medical arguments as many have associated with their personal health situations.

Of course that problem could have been alleviated months ago, but nope, they did not bother to get around to helping all those "essential workers" with the same money as those with paid leave, such as public-sector employees and those working for a few large companies, but look how nobody is talking about that amongst even those who claim to be looking out for working people?

To the finger-wagging vax crowd with means and paid leave usually, anybody without the vaccine must be "anti-vax" and there's no seeing it any other way with that lot apparently.


Sorry but I doubt Rodgers even knows how to spell science. There was not one iota of science in what he said. He is an entitled liar. Not the kind of person I relate to. But I’m sure he will get away with it because of his superstar status, even though he selfishly acted without his teammates in mind. He also shouldn’t have lied to the public about being “immunized” as they pay his enormous salary, and he plays for the most public of all NFL teams.

It will be interesting to see the extent to which he gets away with his deception and BS. The guy on the Elks (sorry can’t remember his name) was effectively banned by the league for lying about his vaccination status, at least for this year. Evander Kane got 29 games and it sure looks like he’ll never play for the Sharks again at the very least and maybe he’s done for good. I doubt his highness King Aaron will suffer anywhere near the same punishment. Based on the other two examples he should be done for this year for sure. Anything less would endorse his treachery and send entirely the wrong message to the many children that idolize him. I’m not a double standard kind of guy and I don’t think most people are.

The only thing that needs to be said here is that if you have to run around telling people you’re not an antivaxxer, you are an antivaxxer.