Aaron Rodgers saga in 2021

Where will he end up in 2021 you think?

on an NFL team

Probably in the playoffs :slight_smile:

thats all you have hey

well, AR is not talking to me.

MY 3 guesses

probably going to play this year
probably not playing for GB
probably signing with a team that is already at least close to making playoffs.

I would like it to be the Eagles

well thats why I asked you what do you think not what youknow.

I usually know what I think :slight_smile:

…I think he ends up in a network booth for this season

…I read somewhere that he could opt not to play because of Covid and it wouldn’t be against his contract

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Hmmm…not sure that he can sit out without penalty.

I doubt he wants to lose 30M by not playing. I think he stays in GB for the year and leaves in FA the following season. I suspect he will end up in Denver or Vegas. I don’t think management wants to be the ones to pull the trigger. Right now he is falling for the Favre approach of wanting to make people show their love.

i also think he will not get married and his current relationship ends. His fiancé has some major issues and as my granpappy always said don’t be sleeping with someone with more problems than you.

Well you can want that, but that is not happening.

but but why?

Aaron sees himself as a star of stage and screen. Go west middle aged man go west.

For sure we are far from alone in thinking just that as Rodgers’ next move, but hey it’s nothing new for veteran quarterbacks to head somewhere west or south or indoors. I hope he makes the move and preferably to some AFC team too.

Tom Brady himself probably played the longest in harsher weather in the US than any, and even he commented last season how quickly he realized he did not miss New England.

The surest move is that he will be in bed with his fiancee. Everything else is a big who cares. I don't waste time on $30 M prima donnas who want EVERYTHING their own way. Really tired of pro athletes in the big money era. That is one big reason I love the CFL.

I was reminded of this holdout story less than two years ago that feels like many more years ago now! By 4 Sept 2019, Elliott finally was going to get his money after that Jerrah broke down probably in beet-red Texan disgust bigger than his ego and hat combined.

And I think that Rodgers pulls the same strategy here and holds out as long as the Packers want, for time will be on his side not the other way around.

Few players can pull this off, and I do believe that Rodgers can do so.

If the Packers had wanted to trade Rodgers, I figure they would have done so by now. NFL camps have started, and it's not as if Green Bay has not been receiving and fielding a whole lot of calls just in case.

Well folks, with the news out Monday, this is getting done with Rodgers and not escalating as I had thought.

I will be happy for this story to go away as now the annoying preseason media make a big story out of Deshaun Watson, who comes with massive baggage wherever he ends up.

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